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5r55 dissasembly

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Don't know which you mean, center support has 1 bolt holding it in and a large snap ring in the case.

No no after center support the last one with the different band that's at the output end of the transmission

There is a snap ring on the inside of the reverse planetary, remove it, then remove the output shaft sleeve, then there is a small snap ring on the output shaft, remove it, then the ring gear should come out , then the low reverse brake drum and band. The out put shaft comes out the back .
Keep track of where all the thrust bearings go, don't mix them up.
You must remove the valve body and reverse servo first if you haven't done that

The snap ring is inside? I can't see anything all I can see is the planet gears and that oil cone

You should get an ATSG trans manual as some parts only go together in one direction to work, and they will go either way.

which 5R55 trans do you have there is a letter at the end?

there should be an outer shell with cut outs around the out side facing you the snap ring is on the inside of it about 3 to 4 inches in diameter. that's the first one

The planetary inside the shell comes out next just pull it out.

How is it going as I am going to bed soon, I am old, LOL

PM me-----

It's not pulling out. It's a 5r55e early 98 ( with the OSS) taking it apart cuz rear most band broke and put a hole in case and shredded the Torrington up too so I think the last planetary is ok I just want to remove it to make sure it's almost like its seized in there

The outer edges of it fit into the cut outs on the reverse brake drum shell where you removed the snap ring from, usually you just grab those large teeth and pull.

A couple small screw drivers on opposite sides might pry it up.
sorry no room to do that
If the broken low, reverse band is still jammed in there it may be preventing rotation, as a small amount is needed for the planetary gears to turn to come out.
Hope you make out, I am heading to bed it's 10:40 here catch you tomorrow, don't forget to reply.

We got it out. On the donor 4 r there was no snap ring. Plants dropped out nice

Got in the 5 with a light and saw that the broken band when it wedged bent the ear of the drum over the face of the planet assembly, ended up using the 3/8 hole in case from carnage to sneak a punch in, drive out the ear and voila yo came planets. Which the face is heat checked and scored and the drum is nfg as well thanks for your help will post on the re assembly asto how it goes


Hole in case from broken band


Broken band


Scarred drum


Scarred planet

Glad to see you got it apart.
I don't know what you are doing but 5R and 4R are similar but all parts are not inter changeable.

I'm hoping the parts I need to replace are interchangeable will find out when I get to the center support

The cases are different too, the 4R has no OSS, also both should have a low, reverse planet snap ring.

Yeah I know the cases are different that's why I had to get my OSS bound case to work this the job weld hole patch and using the 4r parts to repair the 5r

We got it back together to it without any slop or play beyond what it had before everything is tight

This weekend hopefully will have it back in the truck

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Thanks for the reply, many people just disappear and you don't know what happened. Good luck with the project, let us know how it turned out.