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5r55 rebuild parts/ tools list


April 20, 2010
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2003 limited V8
I just bout an 03 a few months back that has now lost 2nd and OD. I never had any problems with it untill Sunday when It wouldnt shift into 2nd. I tried adjusting the bands to no avail and now am convinced the tranny is coming apart. I want to rebuild it myself but would only like to do it once. So i guess my question is what should i go ahead and replace.

Im thinking both bands, solenoids , servos valve body separator plate w/ gasket.

What else will I need and were is the best place to start shopping.

I have worked some on the 4r70w before but have never had to pull the trans. I'm assuming that theres no way to change the bands with the trans in the car.

What special tools will i need for this job? I saw a ford transmission manual yesterday that someone linked to. Does anybody remember where i can buy that.

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Did you find the problem? How about an update.
Sounds like you could have a worn bore on the OD servo. I belive the OD servo is needed for 2nd gear also.

Correct, 2nd is first in OD.
Here's my parts list from a 2-3 flare that turned out to be a worn servo:
F77Z-7G484-AB Ford 4R/5R Shift Solenoid
1L5Z-7Z490-CA 2001/2002 4.0L-SOHC - Plate - Valve Body Separator

F5TZ-7A191-A Gasket Assy Trans Oil Pan
D4ZZ-7086-B Gasket, Extension Housing (3)
E9TZ-7086-A Gasket, Trans/transfer case
4L5Z-7D034-AA Band Assy, Intermediate & Overdrive (2)
F77Z-7D021-ZA Piston, Interm Servo (2.317”ID Cover # ZC)
F77Z-7D021-A2A Piston, Overdrive Servo (2.100”ID Cover # AA/AB)
F5TZ-7A136-A Gaskets, Trans Oil pump
F77Z-7A248-AA Seal, Front, No Flange, Rubber Coated, Metal Clad
3L2Z-7L323-AA Seal, Ring Front Stator, Solid
W701429-S300 Bolt, Pump (8)
379299 S2 Nut, Hex, Converter to flexplate (4)
W83 FT112 Screen, Motorcraft transmission filter
XT 5 DM Fluid, Mercon V (12)
E6TZ-7D040-A Oring, Interm Servo Cover (2)
D4ZZ-7L173-A Gasket, Reverse Servo Cover (3)
9L2Z-7G383-A Solenoid, EPC (2 Red Screens) Old part XL2Z-7G383-AA
E825100-S102 Nut, Hex [Unable to locate] (2)
FT 134 Screen Assy, Screen, Motorcraft transmission filter - MicroFelt
E804595 S437 Screw [Unknown] (8)

Red would be replaced in the CVB VB kit - a must in my book.
If it is coming out and getting opened, I would take a look at the superior kit as well, there are a few parts that require teardown in it.

I'm just starting the rebuild process on my 02 5r55 w/ 140k.

But I dont have the common "flare" problem.
I have a intermittent delayed/weak reverse.
Also a chatter between 3-4 upshift, but that could maybe be a ABS/4x4 problem? (ABS light was on when the problem started.)
And, I've had a not_quite_right 3rd gear for a about year or so, under hard load I can feel it slipping.

So my plan is: New/reman Solenoide pack, reman/new valve body, all new servo's, but I want to use the "modified o-ring" servo for inter & OD servo. But that guy that sell's them is not answering his PM's and does'nt have any current ebay actions. So I have no choice but to have the o-ring machining done my self.
I'm going to try to do all this while the tranny is still in.

I have a set of the modified o-ring pistons. Brand new, decided to sleeve the bore instead of these.
Make an offer

or searching "5r55w servo" on ebay gets me another auction listing for them.

Honestly I haven't moved on this yet. I've spent the past month reading and researching everything on this site and talking to vendors. I would love to just buy a rebuilt unit and swap it in but it seems all reputable companies will charge 2-3000 and I'm a poor college student. To have quality work done and all my bases covered I have decided to do everything myself. I really only want to do this once.

I have done valve body work on the 4r70w before and I'm not too concerned about that. I will start with Glaciers valve body rebuild procedures including replacing all solenoids. The car has about 110k miles.

After that I suppose I will venture into new territory for me and tear down the rest of the Trans. From my symptoms I assume I have a problem w/ one of the bands or the od servo. I will replace everything as needed and add an aftermarket cooler.

Will this be easy enough to do with the trans on a bench or should I find an engine stand to hold it?

How much has everyone’s DIY rebuild cost?

Valve body kit w/ servos ~300
Master rebuild kit w/ steels ~250
New pan (my inspect plug is rusted shut) ~30
Lots of Mercon ~60
Other Small parts ~200

Total 840 am I forgetting anything big in my budget? Special tools, pullers etc.

I did just notice that Glacier reccomends new ford pumps on all rebuilds....

beer, tylenol, beer tylenol, beer, tylenol, and a digital camera to take lotsa pics of the process :D

You might wanna consider putting in a remote filter (can get one from Summit Racing for $30)

As long as you don't have a broken band, pick up that modified servo, spend a couple hours to install it, and be back on the road with hardly spending any time or money, and not even having to drop the pan.

Did you find where to buy the modified servo? What was modified? Does anyone know the ream size for the servo bore? I could certainly try that first.

Also to add to the cost when this comes apart I will need a Torque convertor as well.

Did you find where to buy the modified servo? What was modified?.
Look up a few post at Munchies post.

There is a pair of grooves machined in the stem on either side of the fluid in hole, orings are put in the grooves to stop the fluid from leaking past the wore out bore.

Also to add to the cost when this comes apart I will need a Torque convertor as well.

Why do you think you need a new torqe converter?

I think I would like to try the sleeve but can you get a reamer in the bore with the trans still in the car. Also thats going to put alum shavings in your transmission and I'm not convinced you can get them all out. Should I only sleeve it with the trans out and the case empty?

shipwreck17 - I sleeved my 5r55w - when you ream the chips are small - I used trans fluid as lube & to keep "aluminum dust" down to a min (FYI - I did remove most of internal components as a precaution). I machined my own bronze sleeves and went with a light slip fit and used retaining compound to hold them in place. Drilling the feed hole thru one of the sleeves thru the case circuit is a little tricky but manageable. So far, they look good - but I'm currently replacing the pump.. oh well.