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5R55E - band adjustment with TransGo kit


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September 17, 2020
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Oakland, CA
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1997 Aerostar XLT 2WD
Hey all,

New to the forums - found a wealth of information about fixing the transmission issues with my '97 2WD Aerostar, especially Glacier's valve body diary. This is my first time doing any work on transmissions.

I'm now in the position where I have a new (remanufactured, ShiftRite) VB waiting to go in the car. It has the TransGo kit installed and came with kit-specific instructions to adjust the bands. Factory manual says to tighten to 10 ft-lbs and back off a set number of turns for each band. However, the TransGo instructions say to tighten the intermediate band "snugly", and then back off until I can turn the output shaft by hand. With the transmission still in the car though, won't the output be attached to the driveshaft and hence the rear wheels? Can I make this adjustment without disassembling the drivetrain? Has anyone installed the TransGo kit and just used the factory instructions instead?

On a side note, does anyone know the function of the intermediate band "orifice" that TransGo has you install in the case?


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transgo= 1.5 turns


best i got hope it helps

So you're saying backing off 1.5 turns would be equivalent to the TransGo procedure of backing off until the output shaft can be turned by hand?