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5R55E EPC Solenoid Specs?? SEE VIDEO


December 30, 2008
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boston, ma
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2000 XLT
Hi guys,

Just opened up the 5r55e's valve body. I had it apart a year ago for the flare issue, and found a ripped gasket, fixed it. Now its, a bid sluggish going into 4th and then 5th, and finally hitting overdrive. I though I might have an EPC issue, maybe with low pressure. I had bought one off line last year.

Can you guys take a look at the video I posted and tell me what you think about the play in the video. I would think the epc just has some play becuase of the slot it it which the bracket fits into. The bracket is not bend or cracked, it's actually original and quite beefy steel.

I beleive this was the same way it was the last year I did the valve body and repaired the flare do only to the gaskets being ripped.

So, in my opinion, the play is normal, especially since there isn't even a gasket to these EPC's.


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You mean after I put the valve body back in right? And which O-ring?

See EPC video attached

The Fliters look fine. What do you guys think abot the play as seen in the video?

Brooklyn the red filter look fine. What do you think about how easy it turns in the bore? I think thats normal. Just don't understand why there wouldn't be leakby, since they never added o -rings.

EPC problems would affect more the 4-5 gear shift so I doubt it is your problem.