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5R55E Forward Clutch Drum


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July 19, 2011
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1997 4.0 sohc xlt
Hi at all!

rebuilding my first tranny and going straight through the ATSG manual.
There are bores and check balls, but what is this in the drum?
Only a plug, a check ball or a valve? I don't know?
It looks like a very small steel ball inside, but it didn't move in any direction.


Thanks in advance


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Oil moves through a hole in the bearing race and into a passage that empties out inside the drum to apply the piston, to make that hole they had to drill all the way through it and they just sealed off that end with a small cup plug.

Here is a pic of a A4LD drum that shows the opening that you cant see on the 5R55E.

A4LD Foward Drum Rings.jpg

Hello James,

thank you for this explanation, that saves my weekend!
So the forward clutch cylinder is ok and i can go on!
Very good news, thank you so much!!!

Love this forum!:thumbsup:


5R55E Input Shell

hi at all again,

i thought i could go on, but nothing like trouble with this tranny.
Installing the Forward Geartrain Assembly, i noticed a 0.04 inch endplay
at the input shell and sun gear. So i thought the shell is worn out regarding the 8 spots and splines.
I would like to order a new shell at makco transmission, but i am not shure which one ist the matching one?
A56622A http://www.makcotransmissionparts.com/A56622A.html
D56622C http://www.makcotransmissionparts.com/D56622C.html
The Ford part number should be F77Z-7D064-BB, am i right?
Please could someone help me?

best regards






That is the Ford part number for the shell I Instaled on my 2000 Ranger 5R55E.
97-2000 are suppose to be the same.

If you want to verify parts fitment in the future, go to the Ford parts website and enter your vin number. From there you can verify part numbers for your application.
Good luck with your build!:salute:

Thanks for your rebuild wishes!
Yes, sometimes i verified the part numbers but often the results are frustrating. I believe that's the tranny which causes my uncertainty.
Build only for a couple of month in this stage of expansion and the explorer is an export modell for europe.
Ordering special parts for transmission, motor and differentials it's like a gamble.
But the "hopping point" is my missing experience :(

On the other side there is my connectivity to this little truck and to all fellow sufferers. After the point Ford Germany quits the support for the Explorer,
your were dependent on some specialists. That requires a big wallet and a long breath to keep that lovely car on the street.
And not all so called specialists are real specialists. They claim much money for insufficient work.

That's the reason you would like to take matters into one's own hand.
But the tranny and the valve body is a challenge.

best regards