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5R55E Limp mode or lock out mode?


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January 2, 2010
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Vancouver, Wa
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2001 sport trac
so i have herd the same definition used for "limp mode" and "lockout" ether way. my sport trac 5R55E transmission has started to blink the o/d off light once i get to 45mph. the shop i took it to first said 2k full mechanical rebuild. then i took it to another shop and they said cant tell for sure but probably just the epc solenoid. has anyone experianced this problem and had it fixed, and also knows what it is. souds like allot of people have experianced it but no answers. i do know that i cant pull any codes i have tried 2 differant types of code readers one being a modis. what i have read about limp mode, doesnt sound like what i have going on...