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5r55e never ending reverse issue.


April 29, 2012
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2000 ford explorer
Hi to all new here thank you God for forums. Well just got rebuilding the 5r55e from a 2000 explorer. Had the o/d blinking light and would not shift pass 3rd. Rebuild it seamed easy but now I have no reverse. Go figure, been doing some reading about the servo, so decided to remove the servo and now it will not come out. Disassembled the servo, but still the pin will not release. Help please!!! The other issue was repaired tho. So I'm halfway there.

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well got the pin to release seams like the band shifted though that was impossible? is the band easy to re-align? Also how noticeable is the spring tension from the band?

I hope someone could shine some light to my issue. Realigned the band re checked the seal on the servo, also checked for spring tension on the band, still no reverse, its as if there is no gear at all. Now since I've reused the gasket, I guess some of the sealing properties are lost. Now in normal drive nothing happens. But It still has first and second gear. Is this a one time gasket? Some help would highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Guess I'll talk to my self on this issue. replace the servo now it seams reverse is late to apply and soft, when throttle is given the gear disconnects. but not always. Disconnected ecm from tranny simulating loss and pressure rose, Verified that internals are built wright, and that problem is the epc solenoid. Wow what help!!!!!

Sorry no one could help you, Rob. I've been following
this thread but had no advice to offer. Even though
no one could help you, your posting might help
others with this problem.

After about 100K on my flare fix, I consider the
EPC solenoid as a 'wear' item just like brake pads
and tires. I've now replaced the EPC at 60K and
again at 130K. They get lots of wear and don't
seem to last too long...

Were the od and intermediate servos replaced during rebuild?

These 2 servos are charged on the release side when the tranny is in reverse and if they are leaking/not sealing/worn or damaged, you will be subject to lose or have a delay in reverse.

Also Jasper Engines actually has a reinforcement to the reverse servo cover that apparently affects the delay of reverse as well...

The servos seem to be forgotten about in favor of correcting the tranny ills through the valve body and there are numerous ways theservos can affect the operation of the tranny...

No the servos were not replace but a bad servo or servo would show issues with the selective gear meaning o/d and such and those work perfectly. But changing the epc helped the o/d light flashing, but reverse is still delayed, disconnecting the harness revealed good internals I think, going to perform the ford service bulletin and remove the check ball as specified per the bulletin it will help with the delay issue, so it says!!!

Fooled around with the neutral safety switch. got reverse to stay engaged, but still slow to engage, takes about 4 seconds. I think it should be no greater than 2sec.

Our Ranger and 2 Explorers all shift into reverse
after about 2 seconds, so that's probably correct.

Only thing I can add is mine had a lot of built-up
gunk on the servo cover when removed. I'm sure
you've cleaned yours though. There's also a double
lip O-ring seal that replaces the single lip original.
I assume the new double-lip seal will hold pressure
better....? You might check into this if you're using
the old type seal.

Glad you got reverse to stay engaged. That's some
progress for sure...