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5R55E Overhaul Rebuild


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April 11, 2008
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Hinesville, Georgia
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2000 Sport
Sorry if there is already a post here about this but from what I see so far being new, there is only a rebuild Diary for the VB on the 5R55E. ( Which is very help by the way.):thumbsup:
My problem started with the 2nd -3rd Gear Flare issue that seems to be a major issue that for the most part can be fixed by rebuilding the VB and changing the solenoid.
First off I would like to say I have a 2000 Sport 4x4 with the 5R55E trans in it. The truck has 155,000 on it and finally starting to have problems with it. So instead of just rebuilding the VB and all, I have decided to get some more life out of it and purchased a overhaul rebuild kit for it for $105 at a Transmission specialist in my town. I am going to be Taking pictures and documenting every step of the way so I can post a Rebuild on the 5R55E trans. on here to hopefully help out some one else that is planning on or dreading the fact that they might have to rebuild the trans themselves. Hopefully this will ease the pain and fear of doing this. lol if that helps...
Well anyways I am going to be dropping the trans tonight and starting th rebuild tomm. some time
Hope this helps some people out!
I will keep this post updated daily, just giving a heads up:exp:

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Everybody with a 5R55E will be looking forward to this thread. Some parts are compatible with the A4LD as described in the Project Frankentranny thread. Do you have a list of parts, and tools you will be using?

I'd suggest that you kinda do what I did in the 4R70W thread, and do it in component parts, step by step so it's easier to navigate. Good luck. Take LOTS of photos. I fund it helped to photoshop the pics, crop them and then resize them prior to upload. Lots of work but makes for a better thread.