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5R55E rebuild...Bad TCC?


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March 4, 2008
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Binghamton NY, Hazleton PA, Northern NJ
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'88,'99 Ranger, '00 EX
Hey guys...I've posted this before with no solution.

'99 Ranger, 4.0, 5R55E trans. Rebuilt 13,000 miles ago. Shifts great.

In the past 2 months: When going downhill, usually 65-70MPH, transmission occasionally comes out of OD...RPM's raise 3-400 RPM's for 1-2 seconds, then locks back up in to OD. No CEL, fluid like new, proper level. I'm not accidentally hitting the brake pedal. Today it did it about 10 times in 45 miles.

Brought back to trans shop. Test driven, checked TCC solenoid (you could watch the transmission shifting on this screen he had, like a heart monitor), scoped the TPS sensor, could not find reason for problem. Trans tech said a 100 things could cause this. He said he could spend hours trying to find the problem. No charge.

Where should I go from here? Just pay him to find the problem? Buy a new TCC solenoid and cross my fingers? I'd appreciate your opinion on this one! Oh, I do have a Perma-Cool secondary transmission filter-I installed it when I had the transmission rebuilt. Change filter every 6,000 miles.