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5R55e rebuild Q's

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May 9, 2005
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i've looked around for info on rebuilding the 5r55e and all i can find is the common shift issue with the 5r55e transmission, thanx to the fine people here i was able to complete that task (124Kmi) and save hundreds of dollars. my X is rolling over 207Kmi now and i know the transmission is unhappy, it makes a screaming noise when under hard acceleration, good thing thats only once in a blue moon. my plan is to grab a transmission from the sort-of local Pull&Pay for a little over $100 and rebuild that then swap it in. hopefully i bank and save a couple $G's, worse case scenario i have to pay a pro in the end. trying to get my X ready for a run to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado next September!

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Get yourself a copy of the ATSG manual, they sell them at the transmission parts houses. So study that and do your rebuild, doing the upgrades also. You will need some special tools also, so start looking for those. You will want to replace the Torque Converter also, and do a good flush on your coolers & lines. Go ahead and add an in-line filter and also add a drain plug into your pan. Make your sure your replacement transmission is compatible with your model.

got the atsg, i did the 2-3 flare fix a while back, once i saw the pan magnet i added the remote filter. i'll scrounge the yard for a 5r55e, there was like 12 explorers there last time i was looking for spindles. i'll look at the book again to see what specific tools i need to do the job. looks like i could pull this off for around $500 bucks vs $2500. definately want to replace clutches and bands at least, if i see anything else suspect like burns, cracks, gouges, flat spots... i'll have to order parts as i go. master rebuild kit is like $170, tranny from P&P is $115-ish. then theres like $120 worth of fluids... and i'm sure i'll need a new tool or 2.

walk-throughs are always great but i agree the book is a requirement on any major job

I like your plan of getting a "core" from the salvage yard. Just take your time, and be super organized. Digital photos & a laptop can be very helpful, and some cardboard boxes & TupperWare type containers, and some long cable ties too. Pay close attention to the parking pawl when disassembling...take a photo, that spring can be tricky. Check all the hard parts very carefully...bearings, washers, sprags, planetaries, etc. Also when re-assembling the clutches, refer to the manual for Selective Retaining Rings, it is pretty simple, just check with a feeler gauge. Now watch out for those TEFLON seals...they can be tricky...Omega Machine makes a nice sizer for them, but you can improvise, just don't rush it. Give the seals adequate recovery time. And be extra careful aligning the pump, and make sure to check the bronze bushing in the bell housing. If you are a DIY, and just do occasional re-builds, some of the tools you can easily make or improvise. Do the upgrades. And another thing, if you will be installing into a 4X4, pick up a new paper gasket for the extension housing to transfer case. Just remember, the R&R is the meat of the job, but the bench work is pure gravy.
Best Wishes.

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