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5R55E Reverse still not working...Help


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October 4, 2009
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Bobtown Pa
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99 XLT
I have read a lot of the threads on here but haven't found what I'm looking for, I have a 99 Ford explorer with a 5r55e that reverse does not work. I installed a new updated valve body from Ford and a new reverse servo and I still don't have an reverse. I checked the reverse band with a screwdriver and it would move about 1/4 inch then stopped it had very light spring back pressure. Could it still be a broken band or could it be something else..????? All forward gear as work perfectly and there was no metal in the pan after 111,000 miles but there was some chips on the reverse servo....

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Reverse band is also first, so not band. Without looking believe there is a one way clutch that is exclusive to reverse.

It is a 4WD and it has been working perfect in in the snow we have head in Pennsylvania this year,
When i a shift to reverse it will drop a couple RPMS but doesn't have any pool.. When looking through the servo hole I can just see a shiny spot and was thinking that maybe the tip of this servo wore a hole through the band.. Is that possible?.. And is there a way to repair it cheaply...

Looks like the transfer case is easily removed so I will start their before taking the transmission out. This is the only transportation I have right now so I need to be prepared when I do this so what would you recommend me buying before I start this project.
I'm still not sure how this would stop reverse from working but I have noticed a couple times that it was having trouble shifting back to automatic after I shifted from 4L/4H..

Thanks BrooklynBay.
I read over the rebuild diary and it seems pretty simple but I'm still not sure what I should be looking for that would make reverse not work. I haven't had a day off work in almost a month but this weekend I get some free time and plan on pulling it apart and see what I need.

The shift fork cracks, and could cause this kind of problem. Here is a photo from Glacier991's photo gallery:

I picked up a transfer case at the junkyard for $175, if I can get my driveway shoveled so I can get it in the garage I will change it this weekend... We got over a foot of snow last night and that four will drive would come in handy..

Install the new transfer case today and still doesn't have any reverse but everything else is working fine.... Looks like I'm going to have to rebuild the transmission or at least install a new reverse band..

Reverse not working

Hi I have a 98 4wd that has lost reverse. All forward gears work including manual 1st. When you engage reverse you can hear it engage and can also hear the motion from a shaft but there is no drive. I have seen threads about the transfer case being a problem and am a little bewildered as all the transfer cases that I have worked on would give no drive in forward or reverse if they where faulty. Could someone shed any light on what itis in the transfer case that actualy stops the reverse from working and what is the solution.
Many Thanks Tom