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5r55e Sensor Confusion on 2002 Mazda b4000


August 28, 2017
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2002 Mazda B4000
This is the first time I've ever worked on a transmission, so I'm still feeling my way around it. I bought this Mazda 2002 with a burnt out transmission in hopes of rebuilding it and getting it running again. I don't have much history on the transmission other than it's been examined and recommended for a rebuild. It was slipping in reverse, they kept driving it, until it slipped in all gears. The forward clutch pack is totally burnt out and there's a lot of iron fillings everywhere. I've pulled it and have everything out and I'm replacing damaged parts.

Anyway this 5r55e that is stamped built in '01 on the tag, but it has a sensor that mounts inside on the center support then two case mounted sensors as circled in red here in the first picture, compared to the image from the ATSG 5r55e manual in the second picture:



It appears I have 2 case mounted sensors and one on the center support. The ATSG shows:

#120 as 7m183 the Transmission Overdrive Drum Speed (ODS)
#123 as 7h103 Transmission Output Shaft Seed (OSS)

The one mounted on the center support isn't shown. So looking elsewhere I see "This new 5R44E model, like the 5R55E transmission, has an added intermediate-shaft-speed (ISS) sensor." from http://www.explorerforum.com/forums...r55e-iss-sensor-on-2001-and-up-models.157488/

Basically what I need to know is if this is correct:

1. Is the ISS the same as this "TSS" sensor which physically looks correct and they mention it goes on the center support, but nothing else matches:

"Sensor, 4R44E, 5R44E, 4R55E, 5R55E Input Speed (TSS) (Bolted to Center Support)(1995-Up) (F5TZ-7M101-A) (20A-255)" https://cobratransmission.com/sensor-4r44e-5r44e-4r55e-5r55e-tss-102034-1

2. Is the sensor shown in the ATSG manual for #120 the same, but in a different location? I see this available as "4R44E, 5R44E, 4R55E, 5R55E Electrical Component Sensor, Input Speed (TSS) (1997-Up) (XW4Z-7M183-AA) (20A-257)" For some reason this is also called a TSS sensor. https://cobratransmission.com/sensor-5r55n-5r55s-5r55w-vss-103044-1

3. Is the sensor shown as #123 the same as F7RZ-7H103-BA as specified? It's the only one that seems to match location and descriptions. https://cobratransmission.com/sensor-4r44e-5r44e-4r55e-5r55e-vss-102031-1


Mid 2001 or so they added the ISS sensor. If you have it you must install one with it. If you don't have it you can use a trans that does have it and you'll just have an extra sensor that nothing goes to.

The ISS sensor is just above the shift linkage on the drivers side of the transmission. It's about 4 or 5" above it, it's not the one right behind the linkage.

Thanks. Were you able to see the photo of my transmission in the link http://imgur.com/a/KcSpl along with what the ATSG shows? Nothing seems to match quite right, so I want to make sure I have the right replacement part numbers.