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5R55E shifting wrong


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June 28, 2007
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2000 XLS
I had a broke band, replaced, put in rebuilt valvebody with ford update kit. Now truck will shift fine if driving very slow, Driving right it has a hard time shifting into gears some time will not shift out of 2nd unless I let off gas. Then will sometime shift into overdrive but then slips out and back into 4th. Reverse is very slow going into gear. What should I try next?

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Just found out the valvebody was not rebuilt, it came from a trans that was running about 8 months ago. No use for 8 months but worked before that? Should I try something with that?

Did you use a 1/4" drive In/Lb torque wrench on the valve body bolts? Were the servo pistons replaced? Do you have the correct valve body gaskets with the separator plates or bonded separator plates? Did you adjust the bands?

1/4 in was used, new separator plates,servo pistons was not replaced, bands was adjusted. Could the valve body have sticking in the bores?

It's possible. You could rebuild it if you want or replace it with another known to be good model.

The valves was sticking, Are the sep plates with the bonded gaskets reuseable?

Only if they are relatively new. How long were they in there?

I have one that was used for about a week then was taken out an left to dry in a box for about 8 months. Is there something I can use to pour in with the next fluid change to help keep the valves from sticking?

Lubegard makes different additives.