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5R55E shifts fast with high RPMS.


April 16, 2010
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cahokia illinois
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97 xlt 5r55e 4.0 ohv
Got a 97 explorer 4.0 ohv 5r55e and the other day at higway speeds it seemed to of popped out of gear altho it was in drive, and it wouldnt go back in any gear. After putting it in park and turning off engine after starting back up it went in gear altho now it shifts really fast one right after another and I cant go over 50mph because the rpms are to high, like its in 3rd gear.It does seem to be shifting into all gears tho. Any ideas??

Welcome to this forum! I've moved your thread into the transmissions section. Take a look at the sticky thread on the top of this section called the 5R55E valve body rebuild diary for more information.