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5R55E/ six solenoids valve body arrived today


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December 31, 2007
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1995 Ford Explorer
My package from 700Tranny arrived today. The tech from 700Tranny said the 5R55E valve body w/six solenoids arrived is right for my 95 Explorer 4R55E tranny and consider it is a updated 4R55E after this valve body with the six solenoids is put in. I was reading about the green and red band solenoid difference here on past posts but the tech said it's perfectly fine with the
5R55E setup. Before I install it, I like to see if anyone had done this before and had any problems arise afterward. Like to hear inputs before starting the install.:scratch: Thank you.

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The performance curve of the red band is a little smoother, but they recommend the green band. You could try it, and see how it goes. If it's not what you expected, then you could put the correct one in. They sell this solenoid separately or you could swap your old one in if it's still good.

Thanks BrooklynBay. Letting the fluid drained overnite before taking it out.