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5R55E specs


September 26, 2006
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Eustis, Fla
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'87 4x4 Ranger
Does any one know the specs? I mainly need the length.

My 4x4 1986 Ranger has an A4LD, if I put the 5R55E in.... will it match up to the stock mounting holes and transfer case (BW1350)?

I know the A4LD was replaced by the 4R44E (Stronger version of A4LD), then it was upgraded to the 4R55E(Stronger version of 4R44E), and the 5R55E is for the most part identical to the 4R55E.

I will be using a 4.0/5R55E out of an 01 Explorer.I know the insides of the 5R55E are thicker and stronger, and it is electronically controlled, and has sensors that will need to be hooked up, that is why I am going to use the explorer harness.

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I cannot answer your Q on whether the stock extension housing for a 4x4 5R55E will match up to your transfer case. I'll get you an answer on length but I am pretty sure they are the same.

Putting in a 5R55E into a non 5R55E PCM controlled vehicle is not a simple matter, and the harnesses are only the beginning. I trust you know what you are trying to do here, right ?

I want to swap the whole wiring harness over to my truck. I do not care if my stock gauges wont work, I'll cross that road later, I could go aftermarket and custom dash, or maybe explorer gauges with a custom dash. If I can keep the OBII system that would be great.... If not, thats fine too. I just want it to run, the truck is not my daily driver and probably wont be for a while. I don't want or need the A/C, no cruise control, no power windows, no power locks (I think these will be in the explorer harness) The only things I want inside the Ranger is a radio and a heater.

I want to take the complete 4.0/5R55E (64,000 miles on them) setup from the rolled 2001 Explorer and put it into the 4x4 Ranger (Currently has fuel injected 2.9). I know the transmission is computer controlled, but it will remain computer controlled. I want to move everything (Engine, tranny, computer, harness, all of it.) from the rolled Explorer into the Ranger. I know there will be a lot of wire rerouting, I'll have to fabricate shift linkage, relocate the underhood components, redo the exhaust system, dealing with sensors..... etc.

I found out that the BW1350 manual transfer case will bolt up. Now I just need to get the length, and find out if it will mount to the stock A4LD mounts in the truck presently. (I have the early A4LD.)

Just wondering if anyone knows the length of the 4x4 5R55E.....

Glacier991, were you able to obtain that info?

Ok so long as you understand this is not just an easy drop in swap.

Case length for 5R is exactly the same length as the A4LD case.

I was wondering is a 4R55E much different than a 5R55E when it comes to controls? I know the A4LD is mostly hydraulic, the 4R55E has more solenoids, and the 5R55E pretends to have 5 speeds.

The reason I am curious is my 4R55E died, intermediate band is toast, and I can get ahold of a 5R55E for pretty cheap, with low miles. Before I buy it I would like to know if my PCM, connections will work with it and if there was a reference I could look at that has more information about swapping it out.

Sorry to hijack your thread, but this question is sorta similar.