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5r55e transmission cooler line size and fittings


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June 30, 2005
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Here is what I THINK is correct, does anyone have input? I'd like to put on new cooler lines, I'm tired of leaky rubber hoses for my cooler and filter.

Transmission fittings - no idea
Factory stainless hard line - 3/8 tubing
Radiator fittings - 5/8-18 threaded fitting, uses 3/8 hard line, inverted flare

Still looking for verification, and info on what the fittings on the transmission are..

typically these transmissions use 3/8" hard line & flare fittings @ the trans case.... the same flare type as brake or fuel systems.

I used a pre-made brake line from napa for my dipstick on a 5R55W.
also 3/8" compression will also interface onto the same 3/8" hard line if you do not have a flare tool kit to make custom length lines.
works well for temp/pressure guage sending units.