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5R55E transmission is taking off in 3rd gear.


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July 29, 2009
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Brandon, MS
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1998 explorer 4x4
Having trouble with my 1998 explorer 4x4 It seems that the trans is taking off in 3rd gear and shifting up but when I stop it is not shifting back down to 1st or 2nd. The transfer case is working properly but the main trans is where I believe the problem is. I did change the range selector motor on the transfer case, could there be a wire that I misplaced. The plug was a real pain to change. Where could I find a wiring diagram to check my work. Thanks Gene Roberson

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Welcome to this forum! I've renamed, and moved your thread to the transmission section. Do you have a flashing overdrive light? Did you scan the PCM for stored trouble codes?

Trans problem stuck in 3rd

Thanks for your reply, Yes the overdrive light is blinking and when I scanned the codes it showed multiple codes as if I had a catastropic failure, Everthing from Torque converter to 1-2 shift 2-3 shift 3-4 shift and all kinds of crazy stuff. I feel like I have abigger problem that just changing filter and fluid will fix. Have 164,000 miles on explorer.

Multiple codes might indicate a problem with the internal wiring harness or the connnection of the external bulkhead connector.

Trans shift

Thanks, I will disconnect and clean the contacts in the harness, Never thought of that, The car is on an island in Exuma, Bahamas and there is not a lot of technical help here, so you have to figure things out. Thanks again Gene