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How to: 5R55E Valve Body Rebuild Diary

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Chris, this 5R55E kit was the first that I have done. I have leaned towards the TransGo because of their past history, and my experience with the AOD's. I am always open to new ideas. The 5R55E isn't brand new anymore, but there may yet be some things to discover by the aftermarket, upgrades, etc.

I am most interested in learning of any internal improvements that can be made. As you know, I will eventually get my hands on a 2002+ model 5R55E. I will go through it, replacing frictions/steels, seals, and any upgrades. Try to have fun with it, and we will enjoy along with you, night.

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Ok here's what else Transgo has....

First off some stuff for the center support, which won't concern us in this thread, but I do find it curious that although the center support is NOT the focus of a lot of failures as I best know it, it continually gets attention....clearly a problem generating spot....


Then there a few springs to replace.... a plug and a drill bit for the VB


finally there is the puck, the rivet I spoke of and an insert to restrict flow to the intermediate band area...that rivet looks big in this pic but it is TINY !!!



Here is what you get when you open it up


In the first packet we have their "pressure riser" (which apparently reduces the electrical voltage to the EPC and is how they reduce over pressure and they have some Sep plate mods for you to do) a replacement spool, and a couple of plugs. One of their mods is to eliminate the temperature controller which does not allow cooler flow until the trannie is warmed up. I need to read up more and understand more why this is a good/bad thing. Enough chat, here is this bunch of hardware


there are some springs and drill bits.... BIG springs are not Valve body related (servo stuff) ... drill bits are for VB borings


And then we have the holy grail, a double lip seal for the low reverse servo !

straight on, not much


but on edge?


I was curious about the "pressure riser" and was certain it was like a ballast resistor.... not a capacitor. So I checked it....polarity ? no... and sure enough, a resistor, 75 ohms... probably 10 watts is my guess. I'll leave it to the electronics wizards to explain how it could affect the voltage (which makes the EPC vary pressure - sounds complicated but it's not really, except for how it does it)


I have left out the bag of clutch springs... it is the same as the A4LD... you replace a huge batch of springs with a huger batch for more return pressure. NOT a VB issue at all. I already have a couple bags of em. Anyone need some ?

Good thread!

If i recall correctly, the 5r55e kits will all work in my 4r44e right? I think i'm going to use all these mods so hopefully my tranny wont delay when i put it in drive or reverse, and i REALLY hope it firms/quickens the shifts

Glacier, take a look under your username on the left... I hope you like your title :D


I am laughing....and smiling. (Thank you for the kind words and name) I do not consider myself a guru at all... but just someone who really loves these beasts and wants folks to keep em running, and enjoys learning and helping. Your site is a great forum for all that. Thanks for letting me do that here.


ps. I find it interesting and humorous that some poeple recognize the surgical drapes in the background of my pics, one even calls me Dr......which I am NOT. I have a friend who works in a hospital and gets me as many of these as I want.... they make great covers for things and great clean places to work on car parts! And throw away. Glad you didn't call me Dr. Tranny!

and inh, yes.... I will try and post a separate thread of differences but overall... YES ! SAME SAME.... use the same kits etc.


This is probably less important here than in the A4LD.... no O-rings and all that... but yet I just think it is a good precaution. It costs about $35 and consists of a new sleeve and valve...we can discuss it more later, but here it is...for now...


I'd be really happy if you could post up a what-you-bought-for-how-much-and-where and what the overall improvements were when you are done so i can know what to expect :D My tranny was just rebuilt, but i think these mods couldhelpmake it better

Well so far the prices are all from Axiom, formerly called Aceomatic.... they have a website.... (and a local store where I know them by name). I do not have a 5R55 vehicle so this valve body will be for sale, and we will have to ask him or her how it works.


Ah thank you! I'll have to get these things.. I dont suppose this valve body would bolt up to mine would it? People say my 4r44e is the same as a 5r55e etc etc so I'm kind of confused. If it would i would really like to buy it from ya. Also, you wouldnt happen to know what part in the tranny controls the firmness of the shifts would you? B&M says there are differences between even the same model tranny, and unfortunatly i have one that wont work with thier electronic shift improver.

I know the separator plates were different for the 4R55 and 5R55, I do not know whether they used the same valve body. I'd be reluctant to say they did.

Glacier: I still have a running search for the book. No hits yet (none). :( Let me know if you spot one, please?

Ah ... refresh me, which book is that ? (sorry getting old here)

The factory ford book on the 5R55E (not ATSG). You told me which one to look for in another thread. I have had an ebay search for 5R55* going for a month or longer.

Ah... no haven't seen one either... keep looking... one will show up..

For my application 97 4x4 SOHC, the new seperator plate did not have bonded gaskets and did not come with any gaskets. I questioned the Ford dealer (sponsor) and he checked everything and said that it was supposed to be that way. I checked the plate and everythiing matched so I had to pick up a couple of gaskets. I guess at some year break they started using the bonded gaskets.

Greg, it's my understanding that the separator plate with the bonded gaskets is only used with the revised blow-off valve kit. Ford warns that the revised plate MUST be used with the revised valve kit. There are several modifications that have to be made when using the 'new' separator plate, as I'm sure Chris will document with pictures.

If the plate you picked up matches up with your old plate, then it's not the 'revised' plate that goes with the valve kit. There are at least a couple of differences in hole placements and sizing between the two, in addition to the bonded gaskets.

Yes my "new" plate had the different holes including the #50 hole being deleted. And I did install it with the revised blow-off kit. I contacted the dealer and he checked several different things and said that particular plate did not have the bonded gaskets. The package it came in was unopened. So for whatever reason, it was like that. And with so many different ones per the bulletin I wouldnt bet that they would all have bonded gaskets.

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Greg, that's interesting to note. Apparently not all 5R55E's are created equal, then.....? Don't know why Ford didn't bond gaskets to all the plates; it seems like a good idea. It lessens problems in alignment when installing the plate, and would probably make them harder to blow out, as is common in some of these transmissions.

So yours is shifting fine, except for the intermittant reverse banging? I'd be temped to pour a bottle of Lubegard Red in it, and see if that helps. Something that intermittant certainly seems like a 'sticking' problem somewhere......?