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5r55e valve body rebuild problem


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July 7, 2015
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1998 explorer
I attempted a valve body rebuild yesterday to cure the 2-3 flare and messed it up worse. I have a 98 explorer with a 4.0L ohv engine so with the 5r55e trans. It will go into reverse and neutral on the gear selector but not 1. every gear however makes it drive only. I replaced the separator plate, epc, installed most of the superior shift kit minus the pressure riser and reverse servo seal. I know I messed up by not installing the post into the spool next to the shifter detent spring(as seen in post 117 of the diary). Also I noticed there wasn't a gasket for the servo cover so I may have just installed that without the gasket. I was wondering if there would be any other problems that would cause it to malfunction as I obviously have to drop the pan again and would prefer to do this just one time. Any tips/pointers appreciated. I have already went through the valve rebuild diary and companion diary, I just was tired yesterday doing it and ####ed up. And the only thing I noticed wrong was the trans filter had a broken o-ring. none of the gaskets had any rips in them.

Thanks ahead of time

Brandon by not indexing the manual valve into the pin on the internal linkage can be the cause of the no manual low and the all forward conditions.

You really should have the proper gasket for the reverse servo, it can cause problems in reverse without it.

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Are there any good rebuilders of 5r55e valve bodies? I've read threads & would prefer to buy a rebuilt one & put it in. My eyes aren't good enough anymore.