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November 3, 2008
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2000 XLS
:thumbsup:5r55e Solenoids


Originally Posted by BrooklynBay
The parts you removed might still be good, so don't throw them out just yet. Either way for the price of these parts you might as well replace everything at the same time so that you don't have more problems in the future. BTW, what do they charge for shipping?

Brooklyn since I have no way of testing these other than the Ohm readings which seem to be good from what information I can find. If anyone needs these I will be glad to send these to them at no cost. I hopefully will get the new ones the first of the week and will see how it goes with the fix. Below is a copy of the invoice for what I paid on the new solenoids, thought it might help other users and give the part numbers as well. Also is the link for the company ordered from. The shipping cost was from Tampa to Temple Ga which is about 40 miles west of Atlanta.

---------------------------< Receipt >---------------------------
Order #: 57827
Customer #: 78308
Order placed: 11/07/2008

Item Name SKU Price Qty Sub-total
5R55E - NEW OEM EPC 97up SOLENO 24.99 1 24.99
ID "RED" #XL2Z-7G383-AA
4R44E - 5R55E TCC SOLENOID NEW # 9.99 1 9.99
5R55E SET OF (4) SHIFT COAST SOL 16.00 1 16.00
Sub Total: $50.98
Shipping: $19.94
Tax: $0.00
Grand Total: $70.92


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Let us know how everything works out for you. Compare the parts they sell you to what you already have to see what kind of quality they are. Post a picture of their packaging. I wonder if they are actual Ford OEM parts or another brand. A product review of their company would also be appreciated if you could add one in our product review section.

Valve Body Mod-Now wont GO :dead:

:dead: Replaced all 6 solenoids with the new ones. They all were packed well and looked and marked just like the ones removed. Replaced the valve body gasket with the blow off valve mod. Buttoned everything up and now it will not go into any gear without having to wait for 30-40 sec's before it shifts into on. Reverse clunked when it finally engages and it is easier to get it to move forward by putting it into 1st vs. Drive. Acts the same way with or without the o/d being turned on or off on the stalk. Any ideas guys? I need this thing going pronto!

Did you use a 1/4" drive In/Lb torque wrench on the VB bolts?

Yes I torqued the bolts. It's shifting into all gears now but the o/d light is still coming on? Any suggestions on the next step to take?

So the torque wrench fixed the no shift issue, or did you originally use a torque wrench on the VB bolts? Did you scan the computer for the code numbers?

Scanned it with my OBD reader no codes, took it to autozone and they scanned it and no codes either? Gonna try adjusting the bands and maybe change the servo's