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5r55s flares in 3rd after rebuild


July 5, 2007
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wichita, ks
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95 Exploror
I need some help. I just finished rebuilding my 2004 explorer's 5r55s transmission and installing it. It shifts fine from 1st to 2nd but will flare on the 2-3 shift until you let off the gas. If i put it in manual 3rd it is full on until you shift back out of 3rd. The bands have been re-adjusted. I did have the trans shop install the bushings for the servos. I have a new solenoid pack. I read that the computer can take up to 4 hours of driving to relearn the shift points, but this is a severe flare, not just a little flare then shift. I do not want to damage anything i just put in driving it for it to relearn. Does anybody have any input? Any ideas at all? thanks.

The overdrive band is released and the intermediate band is applied for a 2-3 shift. I would remove the valve body and air check both servos to see how they apply, if all is solid there I would replace the solenoid block again.

I have had bad new ones in the past, or install your old one just to see if the problem changes before going through a warranty return just in case its not the block...

I removed the valve body and did the air test again. The servos engage properly and hold until i let the air bleed off. I did find however that one of the valve body gaskets was wrong, the kit came with 4. Two are for 2002-2008 and two were for 2009-up. I matched up the holes with the plate and chose two that I thought were correct. Well on second inspection I found the lower gasket was wrong it was blocking a passage on one little hole. I am not sure if this will actually be the problem, but i will find out in about 15 minutes. Thanks for your suggestion.

Well it wasn't the valve body gasket. I did find the problem though. I disassembled the solenoid b since that was the code I had and found it full of what I think was loctite. Who ever "remanned" it most have gotten carried away with it. After cleaning and reinstalling the solenoid pack it now drives really nice.

Unfortunately after sitting for months without being driven it appears the AC doesn't want to work now. This truck is giving me a headache.