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5r55s forward planet bearing help


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October 23, 2014
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NW. Wa
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2002 Explorer
When disassembling my trans, the bearing fell apart, really struggling finding it, Ill try to attach pictures. Itll be the bearing that goes between these parts..






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Non replaceable part. Comes with new planets. Be sure to count the teeth on the pinions as there are 19t and 23t make sure you get the same tooth count as replacement.

any suggestions as to where to buy the new planet from? Spendy from my local ford dealer...

eBay would be a place to start. I deal with this seller often.

How long would you trust another used one for though? I dont want to fix this twice..

You will have to buy OEM then. Just curious are you sleeving the servo piston bores? Tough to say on that unit that one repair is all it will ever need. Good luck.

I am sleeving it, I have the kit here already.

Good deal. Make sure to replace all the bands and the line pressure valve in the pump. Also would look into the snapring for the front planet ringear to hub. They are known to break.


I have all the bands, I was going to leave the pump alone, think thats a must do? Trying to find the part at rock auto....

Didnt know about the snapring Ill get that coming

Absolutely on the line pressure valve. Alone run in the 30 dollar area. If you use the shift kit it addresses the valve and TCC concerns also has a pump alignment tool.

Glad to help, let us know how it works out.