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5r55s, harsh reverse and not engaged or slipping 4th


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March 11, 2023
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Hello, i have 5r55s. I bought the car with problem with transmission.

The problem was when car goes warm and start slipping or not engaged in 4th and start to engaged into reverse very hard.

My mechanic open the transmission and found few problems.

1.OD servo was broken
2.Direct drum was damage, with broken springs, and bearing
3. Direct drum o ring/seal was broken

They changed everything, seals, clutch, drum, servo. Also, they send to test valve body and solenoid body, they was fine.

Now the transmission is on the car and the problem is the same. This now happened not every time, sometimes shift perfect but sometimes not. Also i found if i press the the car hard shift perfect. But harsh engaged into reverse now present all the time when gear goes warm.

IMG_20230202_114538137.jpg IMG_20230130_111711090.jpg IMG_20230130_111827870.jpg

Most of the time a harsh reverse engagement with this transmission is a faulty PCM.

Good to know .

Last week my mechanic made few adjustments and now transmission works fine, shifting all gears fine. I have few errors p1717 p0765, p0768. Od flashing sometimes but gears works fine