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5R55S Rebuild. Is the Ford factory kit adequate?


July 5, 2013
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Roseville, Illinois
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2004 Explorer XLT
Diving into rebuilding a pulled 5R55S tranny. No plans to do any power adders, just stock V6 for now. I have found MANY rebuild/repair/overhaul kits online, and they all seem to contain different parts. I'm leaning toward the Ford factory kit, but am open to aftermarket kits. Would like to change friction/steels and bands, and want to make sure I have all the needed seals, gaskets, and other things. I'm also planning to add a TransGo shift kit to address the control valve issue, and I want to go through the valve body to check for sticky valves and such.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


No need to go with Ford. You just need a master kit with steels, intrermediate and overdrive band ( high energy). reverse band, pump bushing, filter and servo pistons. I would also recommend a new solenoid pack. Servo bores will probably need bushed also.

Got the solenoid pack, plan on addressing the servo issue one way or another, and installing a transgo kit. Does anyone know of a shop I can ship my case to, and have it sleeved? No one anywhere near here does it. I'm in the midwest about equal distance between St. Louis and Chicago.