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5R55S whine and slippage


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January 29, 2010
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Ottawa, Ontario
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2006 Explorer XLT 4.0 4x4
Well, as the title states the transmission in my 06 Explorer seems to have glorious whine and sought after slippage.

I shall start with the whine. Every morning when I start the X there is a very audible whine coming from either the torque converter of the pump. The whine is pretty much non existent when in "Park" or "Neutral" but once you put it in gear, the whine shows its nasty self. Now it only whines when the truck is cold, once it warms up the whine pretty much goes away. It's still there but you need to have a fine tuned ear to hear it crying.

Now, for the slippage part. This only happens when I brake really hard, like when someone cuts you off and you need to come to a stop and tell him how much of an idiot he is or when the light changes and you need to get on the brakes hard. Everything is fine coming to a stop but for some reason the transmission seems to have gone into neutral. You try and accelerate away and nothing the engine revs to 3K and you ain't going nowhere, just like you would rev the engine in "Park". After a couple seconds of revving the engine the transmission decides to all of a sudden engage and with good authority, like a nasty clunk when it engages and massive whip lash. Other then braking hard there is no slippage through the gears ever and the shifts are nice and smooth. I can pretty much replicate the slipping, all I have to do is get to about 30-40mph and brake really hard. It will do the same thing every time.

I am not quite sure what the issue can be, but I am kinda toying on a clogged filter or low fluid somewhere along those lines but that's still a long shot in the dark. Have any of you had similar issues before?

these symptoms happened to me for the last 3 months before it finally quits on me, R & D are not working any more. Only the manual gears 1, 2end

when I dropped the transmission form a complete inspection and it turns out I have toasted clutches.

while I was searching http://www.fordparts.com I found that ford provides a master rebuild kit, MSRP price $376.52 and you can find it online as low as $284.19

Ford #7L2Z-7H575-A
Motorcraft #MTK-K2700-F

which includes everything you need for a complete rebuild

  • All New OEM Clutches
  • All New OEM Steels ( YOU WILL NEED STEELS!)
  • All New OEM Flex Bands
  • All New OEM Sealing Rings
  • All New OEM Metal Clad Seals
  • All New OEM Paper Gaskets
  • All New OEM O-Rings
  • All New OEM Gaskets

As it illustrated in the following diagram


you may need to add the following parts to the kit

Forward clutch piston
Low reverse piston

I was going to bring it in to get a complete flush done just to see if that helps any. I have no clue of a flush was ever done since I bought it used with 40K miles on it. It now has 47K miles.

Me and dad have already taken out his 5r55s from his 2003 and did a complete overhaul on it, so we have experience there. That probably won't be the case since I still have 2 years left on my extended warranty that covers the tranny if it decides to die.