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5r55w and 5r55s transmissions


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June 2, 2015
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lancaster pa
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02 ford explorer eddie ba
Can i put a 5r55s transmission from an 02 explorer xlt into my 02 explorer xlt eddie baurer edition both vechicles have 4wd and a 4.0 l engine my explorer has a 5r55w transmission in it

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Welcome to the forum.:chug:

I moved your thread to our Transmission subforum where the right folks should see it. I don't have an answer for your question.

factory choice

I don't know for sure but from what I've read the factory chose which ever one was readily available on the assembly line and used them interchangeably. The shift vehicle speeds may differ slightly because of the different gearing:

5R55S 5R55W
3.22 1st 3.22
2.29 2nd 2.41
1.55 3rd 1.55
1.00 4th 1.00
0.71 5th 0.75
3.07 Rev 3.07

Thanks 2000streetrod

Just wondering, did you do the swap, 5r55s for 5r55w (or vice-versa) and if it worked for you. can you give details of any problems, Thanks.