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5R55W doesn't engage when going from P to D and P to R

To be honest I haven't worked on a truck that had a valve body issue from the start. If it had a vb issue someone had always "been in there" or put a shift kit in it to try and fix their problem. I have installed and seen plenty of solonoid packs and on about every 5r55s/w in an explorer over 150k you can bet the servo bores are worn. You can get coated servos to help with the line pressure blow by but if they are too far gone they need to be drilled for brass sleeves.

On a 2nd note there is a few people on this site that only deal with transmissions and will be even more familiar these issues than me

boominXplorer I really appreciate your input. Just because I didn't do exactly what you recommended, doesn't mean I didn't consider it. I spent more than an hour researching what you said so I could come up with the most logical way to proceed from your post :)

Since I just bought the car a few months ago, I do not know the previous transmission work if there was any... I am sure if it hasn't been repaired already (probably hasn't) the servo bores will start going out sooner rather than later since my car has 165,000 on it... Where would you recommend getting the coated servos from? The cheapest ones I have found use O-Rings but still cost almost $200 for the set...

I got the car in early August for $2,000 because the tranny problems but the rest is in perfect shape (no dents or scratches inside or out) so I expect to put some money into the tranny over the next year or so. Maybe I'll get a remanufactured tranny with updated brass bores...


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The logic is what he recommended directly effects 1 gear engagement and reverse engagement. I hope the valve body fixes your issue I wasn't trying to be rude. I mean look how many posts I have made to try and direct you in the right path.

You recommended that people buy cheap refurbished parts off eBay I was simply disagreeing with that suggestion not implying you purchased a solenoid.

I had engagement issues (still do but very subtle and rarely happens) and a bad servo. I would disconnect my battery every 30 miles or so to "fix" engagement issues and shift flare issues until I could decide to try a new solenoid or just rebuild it. My 02 was rebuilt at 35,000 miles so I have zero confidence in these transmissions. I love the look and all the features of the limited but still question why I bought another one.

I am by no means an expert as previously stated and not trying to be rude. In fact I was the only one to offer you advise until more knowledgeable people chimed in weeks later. Don't take it personal was in a bad mood when I posted.

What I do know is when I get around to fixing my engagement issues I'll go with the servo that effects engagement into 1st and reverse. I'm not and never have said I have all the answers but I did take a lot of my personal time to try and help you. Rant over keep us updated and I do apologize I didn't really read your last post before I posted.

BTW boomin is talking about the low/reverse servo inside the transmission. Did you see that circular wire mesh filter towards the rear of trans? That is the low/R servo. The o ring fix is for the intermediate and OD servo. You were having low/r engagement issues and low pressure issues. Ford said you had servo wear causing low pressure so although I hope you fixed your problem my money is still on the low/r servo.

Hi everyone (I know, another 5R55W troubleshooting post)...
I have the 2004 Explorer XLT 4x4 and my transmission has some problems. I'll break this up into symptoms I have, what I am thinking so far, and advice I got from Ford.

There are a few different things happening at different times. So far they don't happen in any order or reason that I can see, some happen some days, some happen other days.
1. When I turn on the car and shift to reverse or drive, it doesn't engage immediately. Some days it will sit for a few seconds and "thud" or "jolt" into gear on its own, and other days I have to rev to a few thousand RPM's and then let off the gas, and it will go into gear when the rpm goes down.
2. I imagine this is the same thing as what is happening as in #1 but it also happens at stop lights. When in stop lights where I am stopped for more than maybe 5 seconds, it will fall out of 1st gear into what I am guessing is neutral and won't go back into gear until I rev it again and it will then go but it usually takes a second and that isn't so great in lines of traffic :(

My (less than qualified) research:
What has confused me with this whole thing is I have not noticed any symptomatic problems with any higher gears (3-5) so from what I have read online there are a few things...:

I took the explorer to Ford and had them troubleshoot the tranny and their report specifically said: "Verified transmission issue. After performed PPT found transmission line pressure to be low due to solenoid bore being excessive. Rec new transmission." Does this mean the intermediate and overdrive servo bores or are they talking about the valve body or solenoid pack? What does "PPT" stand for? Are they talking solenoid pack or servo bore? Any expert "decoding" of this would be much appreciated!

I have read online these three things mainly that it could be and I am hoping it is one of them because althought I am (semi) confident I could rebuild my transmission on my own, I would like to order the part and have it in hand when I repair it because I NEED my car to get to work... I live 20 miles from work so biking is a little out of the practical question.
Best case options:
1. Intermediate and overdrive servo bore excessive (buy O-Ring equipped aftermarket servo pin)
2. Solenoid Body (Buy OEM solenoid body/pack)
3. Valve Body (Buy OEM valve body

Thank you everyone for any input I can get with my problem!

Im selling an o-ring servo kit for 115 on ebay. I bought one last year but ended up selling my truck before I could use it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/131961458751?item=131961458751&viewitem=&vxp=mtr is literally untouched and came from AJ1E Superior Solutions, LLC for $200

Curious of any updates... I have an 03 explorer doing the exact same thing. Has about 200km on it.

Initially I had issue of it not shifting properly at all... fluid change and new filter fixed if for a while. I have no idea if it had been changed by previous owner.

Now, I have symtoms as above. Acts as if in neutral till I give it some gas and D engages. Both at start and when I stop for 5+ seconds roughly.

Sounds like initial poster solved same issues replacing valve body but it could also be issues with fluid, valve bore, or solenoid....

I'm thinking I'll drop pan, inspect the solenoid, valve body, and the mesh filter thing and change the fluid I can and go from there. Rig is worth less than a rebuilt transmission so that is not on the table, but it is a second vechial and a good project :)

02 Explorer 4.6V8 o/d light flashing. Was in traffic on interstate and stopped to wait for the traffic to flow again. When I tried to continue driving, I only had neutral in all gears. Solenoid pack was replaced a few days over 30 so my warranty of course ran out first. Being cheap has me stuck again. I’m just wandering is there more issues I need to look into.