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5r55w fluid change (slow drain?)


November 5, 2006
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OK, I have been reading for an hour through stickies and archives, but can't find what I'm looking for.

I noticed on one great post with pics (sorry, lost link) where a guy was changing a "pack" after dropping the pan. He stated that after draining out 4 qts, it sat overnite and he got another 3 qts. Refill through bottom with pump for a total of 7 qts. (this is the "no dip stick sealed unit tranny by the way)

My thought is, could this be used to change fluid by 50%, drive a week and repeat with a pan drop and filter change.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. (I hope whatever marketing puke made an engineer design this (sealed unit tranny) strangles on his/her martini!) :mad: I'm sure no engineer would do this unless told to.

The transmission holds more fluid than what comes out of the pan (torque converter, cooler, internals of the transmission) so if you would let it sit overnight, it would be possible to get a little more fluid out of it. Another way is to use the pour in/flush out method. You would have to disconnect one line while filling it with ATF. I don't think this is possible on this transmission for 2 reasons. The first obvious reason is that you have to get underneath to refill it through the fill plug. The second is that the valve body has a thermostatic cut off which only opens after it reaches a predetermined temperature. In other words, the fluid would have to be very warm. When you pour cool fluid into it, it will close up, and then you would have to wait until it warms up again. There is a way to power flush it, but there is a chance it could cause problems as some people have mentioned in other threads.

Hi, I am 02~Explorer~4.6 New to this site just registering yesterday. (still trying to figure how to post) I have a stock 2002 XLT with V/8-4.6 eng. 76,000 miles, that I was seeking info: on this same transmission also. (5R55W) (no dipstick) I have a problem with shift from 1st to 2nd, and thought I would drop the pan & change filter. I`ve read that the bolts of the valve body coming loose could cause a shift problem. I`ve also read where these are sealed transmissions, and should not be touched before 150,000 miles,posted 10/7/04 (fredflypogger) So far I have learned how to check the fluid level by removing the 5/16 allen plug at drain plug with larger hex nut. There is info:, & illustrations of this procedure at autorepair.about.com (search- Ford Explorer transmission fluid level) Also I`ve been reading the posts on secondary trans. filters here. Great Site. Would appreiciate any help. Thanks I have fould more info: on this transmission, & subject by serching 5R55W fluid fill. Thanks Again