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5R55W goes into neutral.


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October 31, 2008
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Hamburg Michigan
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2002 Mountaineer
Has anyone experienced this with the 5R55W, We have a 2002 Mountaineer 4.6, intermittently as you slow for traffic or slow to make a turn the trans goes "neutral". Roll to a stop, no movement in any range, shut down - restart and drive away. At times shifting to M2 wakes it up as your rolling.

Majority of the time it runs and shifts perfect, this has started about 6 months after trans rebuild including servo rework, TC, Sol pack and V-body
Have had no MIL/check trans light - no codes
When it happens Line pressure is OK, however PC-C pressure reads 50psi in all ranges. When it drives normal PC-C pressure is correct.
Suspecting PCM issue, as it does not seam to recognize the fault.

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Yep fluid level is good, the line pressure is OK. Thought of the sol. pack but then I think why no MIL light, should at least get a code for a ratio fault.
I have experienced all the problems with this trans that I have read about here except this one, I have not come across anyone else with this problem, it does not even fall into the diagnostics by symptom charts.
Need to get it figured out, the wife wants her ride back.

I had a similar problem. One day I was driving mine on the highway, when I let off the gas, the speedo and RPM would just drop and when I gave it gas, it would just rev. I would have to stop, put it into park, and then back to drive, and then it would go, but everytime I let off the gas, it would go to "neutral." Only way to avoid it was to hold the brake and keep on the gas to keep a load on the tranny. That same day, it went out of gear and didn't want to go back in no matter what I did. Took it to a tranny shop, and it turned out the transfer-case was bad. $1700 bucks later, its been working good.