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5R55W - P0775 code

Update - I decided to take it over to the local Ford dealer to let them do a diagnostic on it and see what their thoughts were. They said it is possibly the solenoid and could also be a broken or burned band. After some discussion, they offered to change the solenoid block for $300 (parts and labor) so I gave them the approval. If that doesn't fix it, the next step is to do a teardown to inspect and repair the bands. The $300 seemed like a pretty good price and saves me the hassle of doing it myself (I didn't really want to mess with the whole drain/refill process) so I figure it's worth a shot.

Unfortunately, they can't get back to it until Tuesday but once they do I'll let you know what they find. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the solenoid block fixes the problem.

Something doesn't smell right. The solenoid block is about $360. Anything under $125 for labor would be a miracle. Once the pan is down they will surely replace the fluid with new stuff and that will be at least $15.

I had a computer hooked up to my '02 Exploder today and it threw the p0775 code..price for the solenoid pack are between 366-371. I have the over drive light flashing, and it feels like my car is jerking when i am riding down the road..if i'm going up a hill, sometimes it will rev high, and i'll let off and it'll shift, sometimes smooth, sometimes not so smooth..for the most part, the problems i have are the flashing light and the jerking. I've been having this problem for MONTHS and the little computers at the parts store only ever pick up the o2 sensor (which has been replaced, and it still flashes the code, even though it was cleared) I was told it was my catalytic coverter doing it, so i took it to the muffler man, who refused to do work on it until i had a diagnostic done on it, and if it didn't show anything else, he'd go from there (nice guy, didn't want to take my money if it wasn't the problem) thankfully, the diagnostic was free (YAY!!) and i'll be picking up the solenoid pack tomorrow for my husband to install..IF this doesn't turn out to the be fix for the problem, i'd be interested to hear what will be if it still does it afterwards!!

Did you replace the solenod pack yet? Did it cure your problems?

I just ran into this on my 02 XLT... 130K miles. O/D light blinking and then the Service engine light lit up.. not blinking but solid.

Thru the codes P0732, P0735 and P0775. Seems to hang going into 2nd gear. Doesn't jerk or seem to hesitate at higher speed (50 or so).

Heading to the transmission shop Monday morning.

I bought the Explorer in early 2014 at 106K, previous owner said it had the torque converted replaced.

Any initial thoughts?