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5R55W problems


March 3, 2010
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2002 Explorer
OK, I have read over and over about my problem. I have posted in a couple of forums, but I will go over my problem again.

I have a 2002 Explorer, 4.0V6, 5sp auto 5r55w tranny. The truck will not shift into 2nd gear without lifting on the throttle and it will not go into overdrive.

I haven't had a check engine light come on yet, but the O/D light did flash very rapidly one time.

I came to the conclusion after reading many forums that the overdrive servo bore was probably worn and I would have to sleeve it. So, I removed the exhaust and the tranny crossmember and removed the servo to check it out before I pulled the tranny. I found that there was already a sleeve in the bore. It looks to be a brass sleeve and not a steel sleeve. Is this correct?

So where am I at now????? I did notice that when I pushed the servo in, it felt like it kinda would stick and not want to pop back out. Does anyone know what the stock spring height should be?

Could the servo just be bad? I did notice some nicks in the rubber, but I could have done that myself trying to get it out. I haven't pulled the pan yet, I will tomorrow and check the band and see if it may be broken.

Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated......Thanks in advance.


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February 8, 2003
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1992 XLT
Before I pulled the tranny, I'd fully investigate what might be wrong. The fact you are absent 2nd gear and OD is most likely related to the operation of the OD band. Several things could be in play here. 1 - the band itself may be broken. 2 - The servo may be inop due to vb issues or leaking badly and 3 - The Shift Solenoid C may be stuck in the OFF position and not energizing when it should.

I'd investigate 1 and 2, and if the band is ok and the servo looks ok, I'd think about replacing the solenoid block. (If you pull the servo, might as well replace it, they are relatively inexpensive. Lube it well with vaseline before you put it or a new one back.

Depending on miles (75K or more) on it, replacing the solenoid block probably wil improve the shifting anyway, even if it doesn't solve your pincipal problem, and candidly the servo block can be implicated in many of these situations - it is the Achille's heel in these trannies.