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5r55w removal heeelllppppppp!!!!!


February 15, 2009
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Watkins Glen, NY
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'02 XLT V8
Okay I am at the point where I have to remove the flywheel bolts. I have the starter out, have a bigas wrench on the crank bolt and can see all the nuts(4). What size are the nuts?? I can't get a 9/16 on them, and a 5/8 is too big. I have tried a 15mm but it feels like it is going to strip them out!! What do I do now?? What if they get stripped out?? Is there another way to get the trans out??

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The trans will slide out leaving the torque converter attached to the flex plate but it will be messy and will probably damage converter seals, no big deal if you are replacing it.

You will still need to remove the four bolts at some point,,,lol

Here's my response to your email: I'm not sure what the size would be. Try to keep the socket straight. You could use a socket that is snug, and lightly tap it on to make a close fit. Use either a 1/4" drive or a 3/8" drive since there is limited space. An impact socket is too thick walled to fit.

Okay guys i got the torque convert nuts off. Turns out the rig had a REMAN tranny in it and who ever put the last on in decided that they would strip all the nuts out when putting them back in. They were at one time 15mm, but the only way to break them free was to "hammer" on a 9/16 open end wrench.

So that is one problem solved.... On to my next issue: the top 2 bolts on the bell housing. How do i get those bad boys out(and back in for that matter)?? The only way i can see is a lot of extensions and a swivel. Anyone have any tricks they want to pass along?? Thanks again for the help...

i just did this two days ago when i replaced my engine. you need to undo all the bolts to the crossmember holding the tranny up and it should let it loose giving you more room to get up there to get the bolts. i also had a stripped nut on my torque converter. had to beat a special tool on it to get it off.

what was it like swapping out your engine?? I may have to do this in the future as my X has 155,000 on it. All highway miles, and it doesn't leak or burn a drop, till runs about 80lbs of pressure.

155,000 isn't that much, there are some rigs on here with 400,000 on them,

it wasnt actually as bad as i had thought it was going to be. i had never done anything like this before and i got it all done in a weekend.

14mm they are, for next time, 15mm = round them off LOL

To get the top 4 bellhousing bolts and the dipstick bolt (if equipped) I use:

from around the upper intake or top of the tires it works amazing

I have also gone through the center console MANY times on a gen II truck, with 3/8" drive and extensions, one person guide the socket on and the other turn, it makes short work of those bolts

I also have 4' extensions in my tool box if that tells you anything, on many 4x4's you can get the bellhousing bolts from back around the t case :) LOL

unbolting the trans mount is of course a great idea too, it should already be unbolted or you are removing the x member anyways, doing it now really helps get those top bolts