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5R55w Servo fix


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August 18, 2017
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Long Island NY
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2002 Ford Explorer XLT
Hi I installed the servo fix into the INT servo. I definitely notice an improvement but not 100% Still slips a bit between 2nd and 3rd if I accelerate hard. If I drive it without a heavy foot it shifts fine for the first time sense I've owned the truck so that's a definite improvement! I have not done the OD servo yet. What symptoms would just a bad OD servo bore cause? Thank you for the help in advance :)

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It's a good idea to replace both servos as a set since they have the same amount of wear.
I am going to do both. I have the OD servo already. :) Just ran out of time today so took the truck for a drive and was wondering what a bad OD servo will cause?

Bad servos create issues with band engagement since they are leaking. Bad servo bores cause the servo to bind.
Ok thank you BrooklynBay ill do the OD probably next weekend. :)

The OD band is for second and fifth gears for this transmission, the intermediate servo is for third. The OD servo wears out faster than the intermediate one and most of the time its the reason for most shift complaints. The servos with the o rings do work but the worn bore can cause any servo to bind and sometimes break off.but they are really your only option short of rebuilding the transmission and sleeving both servo bores.

Hey BrooklynBay... I just swapped my servos last weekend with the ones with the orings. I still notice the shift flare going from 1 to 2 although when I now let off the gas, it engages much softer than before when I felt a hard jolt. I did readjust the bands but I did 1.5 turns (that's what was on the instructions) instead of the 2 that I'm reading everywhere else.

Do you think I should retorque and open each with 2 turns this time?

I'm still waiting for feedback from Andy Wanie but wanted to get your 2 cents since you seem to have extensive knowledge on this issue...

Adjust it to 2 turns, then see if it makes a difference.

Hey Bruce,

Did the adjustment, 2 turns and still experiencing flare. Before I did that, I went ahead and dropped the pan, changed the filter and put in 6 quarts of fresh Mercon V. The fluid I drained was dark, not black, and did not smell burned. There wasn't much on the magnet other than the usual sludge but no metal pieces in the pan to be alarmed about.

Not sure what to do now. Should I take out the OD servo and re-install with a new set of o-rings?

Considering the flare is much softer than before swapping out the servos, I want to think this is heading at the right direction. Seems as if I hit a wall here.


Check the hydraulic pressure at the main port then on the EPC port in each gear range with a 0 - 300 PSI test gauge. Solenoid blocks have high wear components such as the EPC & TCC solenoids which aren't individually replaceable. They are replaced as a single unit by replacing the entire solenoid block. Are any codes present?