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5R55W Solenoid Block Replacement

Hello: Thanks for the promp reply: I did't have the torque specs for the solenoid but i took care not to overtight, The problem started with a 745 code and the shifting issue, right after i replace the solenoid i have shifting delay but no code, after a few miles finally the 745 showed again, now it's doing something little bit different, instaed of shift at 3000 rpm , it's doing the 2nd to 3rd at 4000 rpm (aprox) , and i can hear a hissing coming from the trans like a valve releasing pressure, but it does the shift, i'm wondering if could it be a broken valve plate , or may be a servo , there's some way to test to discard options?.Thank you.

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5R55W Solenoid Body Replacement found Overdrive Anchor Strut in pan

THis is my first post here. I want to thank you all for posting such helpful and detailed information.
I found a bulk buy Solenoid Pack on the web for $85 shipped. I did the replacement. All seemed to go well. When I drained the last of the old ATF from the pan before reinstalling the pan, I discovered a metal part sitting in the bottom of the pan. I later learned it is the Overdrive Anchor Strut! Yes, sitting nt he bottom of the transmission pan. So while I have the Solenoid Pack job done it looks like I have another job ahead of me. By the way , the transmission acts the same after the installation of the "new" Solenoid Pack. It seems likely to me that the Overdrive Anchor Strut would be a causing factor in the transmissions behavior. Does anyone have any information or experience with this part and how to reinstall it? Thanks.

Welcome to this forum! You could reinstall it by dropping the valve body for clearance. Make sure that both sides of the band are connected. It's possible that it either fell out because somebody tried to adjust the band, but didn't do it correctly, or the band might be broken. Where did you find a solenoid block at that price? Check this link for band adjustment, and installation pictures: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1436286&postcount=4

5R55W Solenoid Body Replacement found Overdrive Anchor Strut in pan

Thanks for the reply BrooklynBay. I found it at: http://bulk-surplus.com/bulk.aspx . Just scroll to the bottom of the page. I paid via Paypal and he shipped quickly.

I have the Ford Service Publication CD, but the images are not esy to read. If you have a link to a better diagram I would appreciate it so that I can see the Valve Body you referred to. If the band is broken, I assume that is a bad thing as in costly. If I can get teh strut back in place myself, will I need to adjust the band? If so is that procedure in the service pub CD?

If you could get the parts in place from underneath, then you could adjust the band when you are finished. A broken band requires opening the transmission to get to it. This link has pretty much everything you would want to know about the 5R55W: Dead Link Removed

5R55W Solenoid Body Replacement found Overdrive Anchor Strut in pan

Thank you for sending that link to ratiotek link. From looking at those diagrams and the ones borland posted July 2006, I think now that the part I found in my pan is actually the Intermediate Band Strut. When I was doing the Solenoid Pack replacement and saw the strut part, I looked around the transmission to see where it may have come from. And I remember seeing, what I now know is the tip of what looks like the peg of the Intermediate Servo, but is likely a stationary peg on the Solenoid side of the transmission. I believe I may be able to place it back in. My only concern is whether the band is too loose/tight to prevent me from placing the Strut back into place. It seems to me in order for the Strut to come out of place in the first place either, as you said, the band broke or that the band was loosened some how. I will check the band adjustment screw for looseness. IF the intermediate band had broke would I still be able to shift into 3rd; because I am able to get into 3rd after letting off the gas and then re-accelerating.

When the servos apply, they hold the clutch pack drums to change into a different ratio. If the drums don't hold, then everything will keep turning at the same time. Maybe you could have that gear for a few seconds, but it won't be consistent without playing with the accelerator pedal. The valve body solenoids are computer controlled for assigning the proper gear ratio vs speed vs load.

Well Digging up an old post but seeing as what I have is directly related to this I figured why not.

Yesterday I started getting the flashing OD light. I also noticed that it was revving a bit higher before it shifted from gear to gear under normal acceleration. Yesterday evening the Service ENgine Soon light decided to join in on the fun the flashing OD light was having. Went to Auto Zone to have the code pulled and it came back P0775 which has to do with the solenoids. I was planning on bringing it to the local Cottman for their free 21 point check and see what their version of fixing it would be. I have done clutches, swapped motors, rear ends, and so fourth but other than a filter change have never cracked open an auto tranny. Seems as though replacing the solenoids is a pretty easy job to do so hopefully with the code they pulled and Cottman's suggestion this is all that will need to be done.

Has anyone else had both the flashing OD AND the SES light come on for something so seemingly simple as a solenoid pack?? Like I said the computer only gave one code and it was the P0755, nothing else.

Oh yeah 03 V6 4x2 65k.

bringing up same old tread again...had the od/off light start to flash on me today while im the highway....i pulled over restarted my ex and went away...went on a road trip today so i was running the car all day for about 200 miles...didnt come on again...im going to check it out hopefully some type of sensor...

PCM reflash

All who have 2nd-3rd shift issues need to have your PCM reflashed @ the ford dealer. It cured my shift issues w/130,000 miles on the tranny. Got my 2002 Limited a month ago and the previous owner never had anything done to the tranny. Im going to change the filter & fluid next. But It shifts like a dream after the PCM reflash at the dealer. There is a TSB for this issue. Hope it helps you all! :salute:

5R55W Shifting Problems

I know this is an old thread but this site has helped when I replaced my solenoid block, replaced trans filter, flushed trans fluid, adjusted bands, and installed an external filter so I'm asking for help with my problem.

I'm having the same problems as "mikesphoto" had in his earlier post and even contacted him to find out the fix but he had his fixed under warranty and doesn't remember what work was done. So I still don't know what to try next.

To summarize and I'm plagiarizing Mike's post somewhat:
After replacing the solenoid block my tranny is still having shift problems between 2nd-3rd. The tranny is acting up. O/D light flashing and slow/very difficult shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Checked the codes and get P0745 - Pres Cntrl Sol. A Circuit Malf. Reading up here and elsewhere on the web suggest replace the solenoid block. It's a 2002 XLT V6 4x4 with 73,000. AFAIK, never had a trans filter or fluid change until I just completed one.

Basically did the exact same procedure as Borland listed which was great write-up BTW, thanks. Everything went well, filter change, about 4-4.5 qts ATF M-V came out, replaced same and of course the solenoid block. Torqued everything to spec. All was actually fairly simple, no complications.

Test drove the vehicle afterwards and it's still behaving exactly as before. Slow shifting 2nd to 3rd, revving high between 2-3 and then sometimes shifts with a slight clunk (nothing too loud) or perfectly if you let off the gas slightly and then reapply. Once in 3rd it drives like a dream until slowing down again. If I let it rev too high or if it doesn't shift correctly the O/D light starts flashing but no SES yet. Also, disconnected/reconnected battery a couple of times to know avail.

From earlier posts the only recommendations were to replace the valve body and/or get the transmission flashed which I haven't tried. So, since its been some time since this topic has had a posting I thought maybe someone has found a positive fix for this problem that I can do so I'm not just guessing about a fix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...and again this is a great site and I thank everyone for their input.

Thanks for the info and pics. Will change the solenoids and let you know.

Explorer 2002 XLT 4wd Solenoid Block Replacement

My explorer exhibited the flashing o/d light accompanied with hard shifting in the over drive gear. The truck had 180,000 and a 5R55S transmission. After replacing the Solenoid block OEM p/n 1L2Z-7G391-AG the truck now shifts smoother than it did 100K miles ago. A couple of thoughts on the replacement process, First off, there is no means to flush the torque convertor without using a very messy procedure of disconnecting the cooling lines, so i just replaced the fluid that I was able to drain...additionally the 4wd front drive shaft is in the way of the 10 mm bolt that secures the wiring harness to the top of the solenoid, so ensure you drop the shaft otherwise a lot of wasted time and broken knuckles will result. Otherwise the job itself took me about 4 hours, lying on my back on the cold pavement...anyway this link was extremely useful as between the new oem solenoid, filter and 6 quarts of oil the cost was about $180 as opposed to the $600 I was quoted from the local guy using a rebuilt unit...so I paid myself $150 an hour to do the job...a beautiful thing:)

I don't think it's necessary to flash, and reprogram the PCM with a new tune when you replace the solenoid block, but according to some threads, a lot of people experienced better shifting with the new tune, so it's optional, but recommended.
How do I reflash the PCM? Is this a dealer thing, or can I do it myself? I'm having the 2nd-3rd shift issue, and I'm considering the solenoid pack replacment (may be valve body too) - and I'm wondering if a retune of the PCM should happen also?


Tsb 3254

Earlier in this thread someone mentioned a TSB about this problem. It would seem that it's 2002 Ford Explorer TSB# 03254 released on 12-13-2004. The description seems to fit my Explorer exactly. Does anyone know what the gist of the resolution to this TSB is?


Add another 2002 Ford Explorer xls 4x4 to the list... My suv has only 55,632 miles and my check engine light turn on last week. Next day it would not shift in too 3rd i had to accelerate 2nd to 30MPH then let go of the gas so it would shift in too 4rth gear. Every now and then the OD light blinks and all the shifting is really rough it still does not go in too 3rd but if i accelerate to 30mph again before i can let go of the gas it gears up to 4rth but its a really hard shift to the point i can hear some times metal grind in a high pitch note. i have to pull over turn off the suv and then turn it back on so that the od light stops blinking and i can start driving again like before.. so my question is will this work for me ? changing the solenoid pack? or should i get the codes first? sorry for the long story but its a pain to drive like that. also sorry for the typos English is not my first language. any help is greatly appreciated

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Hi guys! My wife's '03 is in up in the stands right now, just did the solenoid block replacement proc according to this thread...forgot to disconnect the battery before starting...anyways, I'll be clearing the error codes later in the afternoon and then test drive it.. Had something like 6 error codes in total, 0743, 0755, 0760, etc...
wish all goes well...