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5r55w swap to 5r55s

lizard man

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March 12, 2014
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2002 Ford Explorer
I have an 02 Explorer 4.0 4X4 Eddie Bauer with a bad 5R55W transmission. (loud whining noise and shifting problems) I also have a good 5R55S trans. from an 03 Explorer 4.0 4X4. If i put that tranny in my 02 will it work without problems? I want to sell it so i don't want lights coming on and such. Thank You

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No it won't work, the two transmissions have different gear ratios, the computer will set gear ratio codes, you are going to have to find a 5R55W.

Any chance that swapping the pcm or tcm from the donor vehicle or reprogramming the pcm from the 02 will work? Just a thought.. Thanks

I'm sure that could be possible, I personally have never done that.

Swapping things around tends to lead to some crazy issues so I always try to stick with what the vehicle came with, but I can understand why you would want to try it.

That's what i am afraid of and I don't need any crazy issues. Thanks