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5R55W trans stuck in reverse !


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December 20, 2009
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Lake Orion, MI
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2002 Explorer
I are having bad experiance with 2002 transmission type 5R55W in a 4WD explorer. check engine comes on with 4 codes at once, P0743 torque converter clutch, P0750 shift sol. A P0755 shift solenoid B P0760 shift solenoid malfunction CP0765 Shift Solenoid D Malfunction . I replaced solenoid pack and still get there codes, plus every gear is reverse ! I also put in an updated valve body, and the trans fluid is full. any ideas ?

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probably need a new transmission

I am thinking it is a connecting issue, I re-installed my old solinoid pack and got the same codes and problems. I am taking it apart today, and will look to see if it is connected properly. there is no internal wiring, the harness goes stright throught the case into the solonid pack.

it was the way it was plugged in to the solonoid, all codes are gone now ,and the OD light too, but I still have all gears going in to reverse, could it be the low\reverse servo in the pan ?

checked it, not the DTRS. pinned out ok, and when I started it, and then unplugged it, I still has reverse in all gears, and the engine was under load in park. I am going to check the valve body now, maybe change in the old one.

I Wonder if its a PCM/Computer issue. Also, check fuses and possible melted wiring coming from the trans. There were issues with harnesses melting over the exhaust manifold.

What was the fix I am having the same prob and going to fix it with tnt very soon. Please help