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5r55w transmission slips on hard stops


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July 26, 2009
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2002 Explorer Limited
HI, I replaced the intermediate and overdrive bands on my 5R55W trans. in my 2002 explorer limited I also replaced the trans. filter and put in a rebuilt torque converter from trans. shop on ebay. After driving and fluid is warm when I stop hard it is like trans. loses prime and I have to tack it up to about 2,000 rpm to engage gear if left in drive it bangs into first gear or if I put it in neutral and then drive it is ok. It only happens on fast stops and sometimes on left turns when going slow. Has any one had a problem with filter losing prime or similar complaint. Thanks

cheap filter

When I changed the bands in the trans. I could not get a dealer filter so I put on a cheap aftermarket filter and it was loosing pressure. Lesson learned!!!!! Transmission works fine now...