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5th Gen IPad Install?


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August 11, 2016
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Sacramento, CA
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2015 Ford Explorer - PIU
Has anyone tried installing a IPad into the new 5th Gen Explorers? Before if anyone asked if I used the search function. I did. It seemed they were mostly installed into 4th gens. I have seen the kits online by audio man and lif but I'm more concerned with the possibility in our vehicles. Does anyone have any input or ideas on doing this? I would love to have an iPad Pro as my main center piece and just utilize Bluetooth and Spotify. I look forward to your input! Thanks guys!

Welcome to the Forum Fydaman.:wave:
I don't recall this topic ever being raised here before. Interesting subject.


Longtime member here 13Sport had a set up that included an iPad mounted up front. He had some issues with Bluetooth conflicts due to the MFT system not allowing two BT devices at one time. There are some posts about it in the SYNC/MFT Section.