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5th wheel


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March 21, 2010
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Tullahoma, TN
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2007 Limited
Ok... just wanted to put it out there. I have a new traveling job and am looking into a travel trailer. Would rather get a 5th wheel than a hitch pull, BUT don't think I can do so with my Sport Trac (07, v8, 4x4) . I figure I'm just going to have to go with a hitch pull, but thought I'd put it out there and see if anyone ever attempted to do a 5th wheel on their Sport trac.

Now that the laughing has slowed down, thanks for the help ;) lol .

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It's basically a plastic box, it most defiantly should not be done!!

It's basically a plastic box, it most defiantly should not be done!!
It should not be a difference. The fifth wheel plates bolt thru the bed to the frame. I think our Sport Trac are too light to hande a fifth wheel trailer. My father in law tows his behind a one ton Ford.

it is bolted thru to the frame... the biggest issue is that you can't get the a-frame mounted over the rear axle. Too close to the cab. I just thought I'd see if anyone out there actually tried it. ;) .. thanks guys. ;) .

I looked / asked the same question a few years back. Trailer width was the biggest issue, to clear the Cab. When you make a 90 degree turn you only have like 1.5ft to the Axle, trailer could only be 3ft wide. Only other option was a sliding hitch. The pin would almost be over the rear end of the bed to clear the Cab. Then there is an issue with the pin being so far back from the rear axle that it would introduce some wicked sway.

I asked a few camper/trailer guys about, they just blinked when i asked and then suggested i get a F250. . .

yeah.. that's pretty much I'm getting. But now they have the equalizer hitches, and that's supposed to be pretty nice on a bumper pull. That's probably what I'm gonna end up doing. Thanks guys!