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6-disc "CD Error"


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September 30, 2008
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Elk Grove, CA
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02 Sport Trac
While trying to eject a disc I earned a "CD Error". I have tried removing the two radio fuses and disconnecting the battery both for 10 min plus. The unit will re-initialize but I still have my radio presets. When pressing 3 and 6 simultanously I have retrieved the following error codes:
u2003 cddj and b2406 cd.
Does any one know what they are?
Presently I have the batttery disconnected and will leave off for at least 30 min hopefully the unit will reset.

Does the unit remove easy? I've read that the front pops off using a putty knife but I didn't have any luck.

Don't want to screw things up too bad.

Thanks TEK

2002 Sport Trac

Audio Single-Disc CD Player Internal Fault
Not applicable. Vehicle is not equipped with single-disc CD. CLEAR and DOCUMENT DTCs. CARRY OUT ACM self-test.

Audio Compact Disc/Disc Jockey is Not Responding


Try disconnecting the stereo itself, I know that disconecting the bat will leave your presets, when I disconnected the stereo to hook up my amp, it cleared the presets, so that might do the trick...