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6'' drop brackets 5.5 inch coils?


June 10, 2004
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1997 xl
okay heres the scoop. i have a friend that rolled his 91 ranger and he had a 6 inch bds suspension lift in it i went to the wreckers and bought the radius arm drop brackets, and both pivot brackets along with the drop pitman arm for eighty bucks. I also have another buddy that has a ranger with a 5.5 inch superlift in his truck and before i got a chance to get the springs from the wreckers he picked them up and put them in his truck. Getting to the point hes gonna give me the superlift coils am i gonna be able to use that combo or no and i`m having trouble finding spring perches here in canada maybe i`ll have to order some. any suggestions would help thanks. is alignment gonna be more of a problem or less do you think? sorry guestion so lon thanks fro reading

I think that most drop brackets are made for 4-6 inch lifts so you should be fine.

Well here's my 2 cents. As far as the drop brackets and springs, yes that wll be fine but you will have to have your front end aligned to fix the camber issues that will show up after the lift. But that will be required no matter what lift you stick on there. if you modify the TTB then you would have to adjust the camber bushings anyways. but that is something that should be done by a shop with the right tools. you can always do a quick alignment yourself until you can get down to a shop. As for spring perches, maybe try a 4x4 shop in BC, or if you are interested i have a new set of Warrior products spring perches here that i don't need. They are still in the package, never opened. I am in winnipeg. I ordered a set from 4wheelparts and they sent me 2 sets. Not for free though, they charged me for 2 sets by mistake and sent me them. they are for the 8.8 rear axle and are 2.5" wide. I can't remember what i paid but if you want them i will give them away for what i paid. This way you won't have to pay duty or anything associated with crossing the border. Up to you, just let me know. Dan