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6 inch lift problems


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September 4, 2003
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Battle Ground, WA
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94' 4dr XLT
I got my lift on this weekend (2 inch coilspacers upfront and SOA) I have a 4inch lift already on it. My problem is that my camber adjustment cams are maxed out and my tires are still ****ed out on the top quite abit, and my drive line squeaks now. Should i mill out the camber slot and weld on new guides, or what? And im guessing my u joints are shot?

Get new camber bushings.


wrong idea!!!

I had done the same thing to my 5.5 inch lift, putting in those spacers to get that extra lift. The problem is that you are changing the camber so that it is no longer adjustable, but also you are putting stress on your universal joints. When instaling these blocks they rais the center of your truck causing a differn't drive line angle for your front universal joints this leads to premature wear or even in my case busted u-joint. I removed these and went with a meer 1 to 1 1/4 inch spacer and has been fine ever since. Good luck.

you really dont need to replace the spacers get new adjustable camber bushings, problem solved.