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6" lift


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December 27, 2007
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92 XLT
Was looking through the many lifts and stumbled across a thread that mentioned www.jackit.com.Anyone buy a lift from these guys?

I like the idea of skyjacker coils with extended radius arms.But seeing how these kits are put together was wondering if anyone had an idea on what kind of drop down brackets they use?

The premium kit for a 92 looks enticing with everything you need from brakelines to shocks, even a stabilizer!But kits thrown together kinda worries me as I have seen in countless threads DO Not combine lifts.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

yup thats the one.Called them but they couldn't tell me what brand they used Sooo thinking I might look elsewhere.:rolleyes:

Just get yourself a Skyjacker Class II kit. They are one of the best bolt on kits available.