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6r60 fluid change


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August 11, 2013
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Philly, PA
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2006 Mountaineer Premier
Hey everyone, I recently had to take out the radiator of the truck since the tank cracked. I know I have to top off the tranny fluid once I put the new radiator back in. But I was thinking that since the truck has over 117K, its probably due for a tranny fluid change. How do I go about getting out the rest of the fluid? Dropping the pan? Sticking a hose down the fill hole and siphon it out?

Also since I'll be replacing the fluid, do I use the older Mercon SP or move up to the Mercon LV?



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June 30, 2009
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Dallas, TX
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'06 4.6L EB
Good timing since I just had my 2006 V8 explorer transmission pan dropped and filter changed. The dealer put in the Mercon LV. I questioned them that is that really the correct fluid to use when the manual and even most recent Motorcraft transmission fluids table shows only Mercon SP for 6R60.

I was told that the LV and SP fluids do have same detergents and friction modifiers. Only the base oil is different where the LV is more viscous, giving better performance over temperature extremes. On the other hand the newer 6R80 transmission, which is almost identical to the 6R60, is specified for Mercon LV. Therefore the Mercon LV should be safe for the 6R60 as well.

I haven't driven much yet since the fluid change but so far I have not noticed any issues. But if there is issue with the fluid eating into the clutch plates etc. this will not show up until several hundred/thousand miles later... At least I should be able to blame the dealer if this happens since they did that selection and stayed with it even when I questioned them about that choice.