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6x8 to 6x9 speaker swap


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December 6, 2011
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Lincoln NE
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'97 Explorer
My speakers were sounding pretty bad so I decided I'd get some new ones. A guy I knew sold me some Memphis 6x9s in boxes for $20. I figured it wouldn't be too hard to put them in place of the old 6x8s in the back of my '97 Sport. Well it was a pain. Here's the solution I came up with.

First I made a template out of card board and cut a 3/4" thick board to match. Then drilled pilot holes for all the screws. I cut it with a crappy reciprocating saw, so it doesn't look too pretty.

Next I lined it up with the old speaker holes and cut the plastic to fit the wood spacer up against the speaker box inside the trim.

I screwed it into the white plastic box inside the trim with drywall screws, but I'll probably go back and put nuts on the back of some countersunk machine screws.
(Driver side)

(Passenger side)

All that was left was wiring up the speakers and screwing them in through the wood and into the plastic underneath for a total of 8 screws. I'll probably paint the wood grey when I go to replace the screws just hide it a little better.
(Driver side)

(Passenger side)

Here's a comparison of the speakers side by side.

My truck sounds so much better now. Next I need to get a better stereo to power these bad boys.

This project was brought to you by Bud Light and Camel cigarettes.

I'm pretty sure you can just buy 6x9 speaker spacers that would make this job a lot easier and probably look batter. But I wanted them in today and since my wife was already mad at me I decided I spend the evening making my own.

I'm realized today that I should have cut the wood spacer a little smaller around the outside so the screen could cover where I cut the plastic. Perhaps I can find an actual screen that sticks out a little farther. Or maybe try to make one.

I actually got around to sealing up the edges of these speakers. I just bought a half yard grey of vinyl that I found at some fabric store that my wife dragged me to. It cost like $4. I just cut some oval-ish shapes with a 6x9 hole, put some glue on the back, and slapped it on under the speaker. No more cold air leaks. It would have looked better if I would have taken a few minutes to draw out a nice uniform oval. Oh well. It's for function not beauty.