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$70 Lift, yea and it works.


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August 8, 2010
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70 dollars. skyjacker drop brackets and springs off a F150. gas tank out of" I have no Idea" Yea my welds suck. Its a learning truck.

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Yes its a Air shock, and NO it isn't hooked up. Its working Amazingly as is, nice and open.

ok, nice score on the price...I'll give you that much. Just ask yourself honestly, is your life only worth $70.00??? I'm thinking no. Those look like some back woods cobbled brackets you found! I doubt any inspection station would call that a "road worthy vehicle". Please, for the sake of yourself and others, keep that vehicle off the road with those brackets.

You might want to talk to a professional welder..... No offense, but it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help with things outside your skill level. There are a lot of things I can't do and ask for help on. My little brother does all of my serious welding since he is just a REALLY good welder and I often defer to my other little brother for advice on computers, since he is a pretty competent programmer and IT specialist. They ask me for help with mechanical issues and ME questions. We all go to my dad for electronics advice.

I hope you understand, I am not trying to make fun of you or anything like that. I admire you for putting the work into trying to piece together a solution while keeping costs as low as possible, but I'd be a little concerned about that type of geometry with welds of that quality and this type of construction and materials.

My vehicle see's maybe 1/4 mile of highway a week, so don't worry about that part, as far as the welds none of them broke "yet" and I've been airborne a few times. my post is by no means a guide or how to its simply what can be done for $70 and some time to burn, that is all. To be honest I am amazed the truck has lasted this long for the punishment I put it through.

p.s. There are no inspections for vehicle registration where I am.

Reminds me of some of the "donk's" I've seen to "lift" their cars to fit the 40" wheels or whatever they put on them.

I'm not bashing you seeing as I CAN'T weld AT ALL... just making a comparison.

I hope all works out for you, safely as possible.

pretty cool for the price just clean up the welds some with a grinder and weld it again to fix the weak spots and i see no problem. as far people saying its not safe there idiots ive seen worse stuff on new cars.

Just wondering if I'm looking at two beam pivot brackets welded together?

as far people saying its not safe there idiots ive seen worse stuff on new cars.

They're = the contraction of They are.

Their = a possessive referring to a person or group of people.

There = Generally referring to a location, but also can be used as in an abstract sense to suggest an idea such as "There is no way you could pass the second grade if you write sentences like that."

You should also work on punctuation and capitalization. I typed this all out on a netbook that is about half the size of my hand and it came out as legible English.

As far as new cars..... cars made and sold only in third world countries don't count. But, as they say on the interwebz, pics or it didn't happen.

Pics or it aint truffesus!

lol Why didn't I see this post first?!

Like I said, It is a $70 lift. there are 3 layers of welds, the top one may look like crap but oh well, I'm not trying to win any show truck awards for it. She's a bush truck, thats all she is. As far as safe I really have no idea. Tracks straight minimal bump steer, no more howling, tires wear good. Had her our Airborne a few times today and who woulda guessed the welds didn't break.

My vehicle see's maybe 1/4 mile of highway a week

there are 3 layers of welds

That's the biggest problem right there if it's on the highway at all period.
A SINGLE weld bead with proper penetration and width will be 100× stronger than a bunch of little layers stacked atop each other with little penetration... I would suggest getting a bigger welder that can handle thicker materials if you're going to be doing suspension work. (is that a big gap I see at the front of your support brace unwelded?)

Yea the front of that fwd upper bracket is unwelded, it is basically there for protection. on the inside is 2 pieces of 1" angle Iron back to back Slotted and bolted to the frame with plenty on penetration. I would feel safe taking it down the highway, but all I have to go is 1/4 other than that I live in such a remote area its just faster to take the back roads everywhere.

Just to satisfy people, once I get some more wire I will cut it all off, take detailed pictures and reweld it all.

You ain't got nobody to satisfy on here. If you say your work is safe, I'll believe ya. You might be held to reckon if you're wrong, though.

Any pictures of the whole truck?

Just by the fact that you weren't embarrassed to post pics of your welding probably means it is not good and not safe. It means you have no idea what a good weld looks like. Stacking a bunch more garbage weld on top of already garbage weld doesn't make for stronger. What are you using to weld that?

Like was said before, 1 good clean pass with good penetration is all you need.

Welcome to the internet. . . if you post dangerous or scary stuff like that, you're probably gonna get ripped a new one.

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