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700R4 Trans and Dana 300 T-Case Swap?

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November 29, 2000
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Anyone tried this?
I am planning on installing a 700R4 transmission with a Dana 300 transfer case.
Partial list of stuff I need:
700R4 Transmission w/all the goodies (from Bowtie overdrive in Oceanside, CA).
Advanced Adapter's 4.0 to 700R4 adapter.
Dana 300 transfer case (anyone have one lying around?).
D300 flip kit for an XJ from "downeastoffroad.com".
D300 rebuild kit.
D300 4:1 gear set by "Lo Max".
Will need to modify my drive shafts to mate with new T-case.
After this is done, I should have a solid drive train with real low 4WD gearing.
Since my transmission is on its way out and starting to slip, now is the time to get this done. I was going to do a SAS next year, but now I need the $ for a new transmission. Can't see spending all the money to rebuild my stock POS tranny when I can do this for a little more. I was talking with Tom Davis while at Shave and we cannot see any reason this could not be done without too much trouble.

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