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750 dollars and a day with my X


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I take no blame for those that put these tires on. I do know that mine do not rub and i have a pretty steep angle with a sharp turn to get in my driveway still no rubs.(most passenger cars scrape coming in.) Thank you for all the intrest. I did not mean to cause so much hype i just wanted to show what I did. I actually dont recomend doing any of these things because i am not a mechanic or nor do i work at a tire shop. I did this because i wanted to and to my own vehicle. Thank all of you for your feedback and for a great forum.

nice!..You aren't lifted or anything right? (just making sure)

Nice disclaimer. I'm pretty sure I'm going to try this tire setup and hope for the best!

No I bought this from my grand parents that towed it they were only owners. So I doubt its ever been lifted but like I said I am a bartender not a mechanic

Please keep in mind that I bought these from a friend of mine that had them on a lifted Cherokee I really just wanted wheels and put them on to see if they would fit and they did after I put the first one on I thought I was screwed but the other three leveled it out

My speedo is off it reads 55 when i am going 51 not sure if i am going to fix this or not. I might go with a smaller tire but i love these ones.
No rubs plus it lifted the x a little

sct tuner can fix the speedo.

That X looks really nice. Good job!!!

Do you have any pics of the truck with the wheel completely turned?