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8,16,20 Pin OEM Radio


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December 6, 2005
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'02 Sport Trac
Hey Guys,

I just ordered a New Eclipse head unit and have already wired everything in. I have one question that has been bugging me. On the back of my OEM unit there are three plugs, I believe 8 Pin, 16 pin, and 20 pin.

Does anyone know what these are used for? I have the 16 pin adapter coming with my unit that I got from Crutchfield. However the 8 pin and the 20pin have like maybe 2 wires to each of them. It's not the premium systems it's just a single CD Player. I have not really searched for an amp.

What all should I do? Or can I just ignore the 8 and 20 pin? I don't have a CD changer all I have right now is an FM transmitted for my ipod.

Thanks in advance.

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2002 Explorer stero

Borrowed from http://the12volt.com
| 12V|yellow |+ |ignition harness |
| STARTER|red/lt. blue |+ |ignition harness |
| IGNITION|lt green/purple |+ |ignition harness |
| ACCESSORY|brown *1 |+ |ignition harness |
| SECOND ACCESSORY|black/green |+ |ignition harness |
| POWER LOCK|pink/yellow |*8 |driver's kick panel |
| POWER UNLOCK|pink/lt green *9 |*8 |driver's kick panel |
| LOCK MOTOR|pink/black | |driver's kick panel |
| UNLOCK MOTOR|red/orange | |driver's kick panel |
| DISARM DEFEAT|pink/orange *2 | |driver's kick panel |
| PARKING LIGHTS +|wht/blk or brown | |headlight switch or DKP |
| PARKING LIGHTS -|white/purple | |*3 |
| HEADLIGHTS|red/yellow |+ |headlight switch |
| DOOR TRIGGER|*4 |- |*4 |
| DOME SUPERVISION|use door trigger | | |
| TRUNK/HATCH PIN|white/purple |- |driver's kick panel |
| HOOD PIN|tan/lt.green |- |driver's kick panel |
| FCTRY ALARM ARM|arms on lock *5 | | |
|FCTRY ALRM DISARM|dk. green/purple |- |driver's kick panel |
| TACHOMETER|tan/yellow | |PCM *6 |
| SPEED SENSE|gray/black |8 |PCM *6 |
| BRAKE WIRE|lt green |+ |driver's kick, brake switch |
| HORN TRIGGER|yellow/lt. green |- |steering column |
| WIPERS|wht & dk.blu/org *7 |+ |wiper motor or relay |
| LF WINDOW UP/DN|wht/blk - red |A |at motor in dr door |
| RF WINDOW UP/DN|wht/yel - tan/lt.blu|A |sw dr door or dr kick |
| LR WINDOW UP/DN|yel/lt.blu - gry/org|A |sw dr door or dr kick |
| RR WINDOW UP/DN|yel/blk - red/blk |A |sw dr door or dr kick |
| RADIO 12V|lt green/purple |+ |at radio |
| RADIO GROUND|black |- |at radio |
| RADIO SWITCH|yellow/black |+ |at radio |
| RADIO ILLUMINATE|red/black |+ |at radio |
| LF SPEAKER|org/lt grn-lt blu/wh| |at radio |
| RF SPEAKER|wht/lt grn - grn/org| |at radio |
| LR SPEAKER|tan/yel - gry/lt blu| |at radio |
| RR SPEAKER|org/red - brn/pnk | |at radio |

NOTE: Some models of this vehicle are equipped with PATS (Passive Anti Theft System). Use DEI module 555U to over-ride during remote start. *1 Two brown wires at switch, both have to be powered for remote start. *2 You may also use the pink/green power unlock wire. *3 On early production vehicles it is in the driver kick panel, in the harness to the rear of the vehicle. On late production vehicles it is behind the glove box at the central security module. *4 In the drivers door harness find yellow/black for the drivers door. In the drivers kick panel find lt. green/yellow for the drivers rear door. In the passengers kick panel find gray/red for the passenger front door, and pink/lt. blue for the passengers rear door. All four wires are negative trigger and must be diode isolated together. Refer to directfax document #1076 for wiring information. *5 Arms on lock only with door open. It is necessary to send a signal to door trigger as well as lock to arm factory alarm. *6 The PCM is located at the top of the firewall towards the passenger side, the tan/yellow tach wire is also found at the back of the instrument cluster. Can also use any tan/stripe at the coil pack. *7 Also found yellow/white (-) at the firewall connector. *8 On models with keyless entry the doorlocks are negative trigger. Without keyless entry they are 5wi reverse polarity. *9 The GEM in this vehicle shuts down after the doors have been locked for a certain time period, to "wake-up" the system refer to directfax document #1093.

Black Sport

What are you doing with your OEM radio?

20 pin should be for Rear Radio Controls, Steering Controls.
The should be for a Sub woofer . . . . but you don't have one for the 8pin.

I am removing the OEM radio, probably keep it as a backup.

So what I conclude from this forum is that all I need is the 16 pin, knowing hta tI do not have a subwoofer and I don't have steering controls. However I do have rear controls, but never used so the 16 pin adapter coming with the radio would be perfect for me.


8 pin = subwoofer
20 pin = rear audio/steering controls
16 pin = Speakers - What you really need :)

If I left out the 20 pin for the steering controls, would that disable my cruise control?